5 reasons why working on the weekends isn’t so bad

A lot of job postings you will find on a variety of websites are strictly for the weekend. It’s a challenging position for some companies to fill as there are a good amount of people out there who want to keep Saturdays and Sundays as their off days. They enjoy the typical Monday-Friday kind of deal while reserving the weekends for fun times with friends, chill times inside their homes and workout times at the gym or in the great outdoors.

Those thoughts definitely crossed my mind in the weeks leading up to me becoming a Weekend Editor at a major celebrity publication in the spring of 2018. The only other time I worked weekends in the past was during my high school and college years where I picked up a bunch of shifts at my local supermarket. It was fine then, but I didn’t know if it was going to be the same in my adulthood, especially living in a big city where my social calendar was usually packed to the brim on the weekends.

FOMO (fear of missing out) was my biggest problem. The idea of putting in an 8- and 9-hour shift while perusing social media and seeing my pals having a blast at brunch or wherever they were was something that initially gave me anxiety. There were other struggles, like getting time off when you’re the only writer on the weekend, but the positives that took place for me during my almost 3-year tenure of being a Weekend Editor totally outweighed the negatives.

So if you are someone who is actively considering working the weekend, or has been asked to cover a particular weekend shift or two at your place of employment, here are five reasons why you should move forward with either.

1: It’s not bad at all!

I’m only speaking for myself here but I truly enjoyed doing my job on the weekends as it was primarily just me getting the work done although I have had a small staff to interact with from time to time. You can think a lot more clearly with less chatter and people around you, given your circumstance, meaning that the work you put out has a chance of being that much better compared to being in a super busy work environment. And yes, this includes the COVID world we are currently living in where we are still being inundated with messages and requests from colleagues and the powers that be from the comfort of our own homes.

2: You can still have a social life.

Depending on your hours, a social life can exist on the weekend. If your shift is from in the 9-5 spectrum you can still enjoy a night out with your pals, just make sure you get a good night’s sleep to avoid any work weariness the following morning. It also helps if your 5-day work week ends on Sunday so you can really celebrate to the fullest and snooze as long as you’d like the next day.

3: Off day perks.

If you work weekends that means that your off days are more than likely going to either be Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday. It might be odd that your Friday is really a Monday or your Sunday is really a Friday but there is a convenience to being off on these days compared to your friends who don’t work weekends. One, traffic is lighter meaning you can run your errands in a much more effective manner. You also have a better shot at getting a reservation at that restaurant you are dying to go to which is usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights. And if you are a gym buff then those machines you need to keep in tiptop shape are more than likely free to use. This is where reverse FOMO can happen as your weekday-worker pals can be quite jealous over how easy things can be for you to do during your own unique weekend schedule.

4: Potential recognition.

Your boss could give you major kudos if you decide to hop on for a weekend shift to help the company out with whatever their needs are. It shows that you are dedicated to your team and are willing to go above and beyond for them during a time when you’re supposed to be off. So if you are thinking of climbing that metaphoric ladder to a higher position within your company, then this is something that is worth trying.

5. More money

It is a bit of a no brainer to at least do one or more weekend shifts if your job pays time and a half on the weekends. It equals more money in your pocket meaning you can pad your wallet and save up for a fabulous vacation, an expensive meal out and so much more.