Here’s the least expensive town for homeowners in every US state

How much it costs to own a house varies widely across the United States.

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The American Community Survey is an annual survey run by the Census Bureau to allow the government, corporate and academic researchers, and anyone who is curious about demographics to better understand the US population.

Among many other subjects, the ACS includes questions about how much people who own their homes and have a mortgage pay for housing costs each month.

Using the ACS estimates from 2013 to 2017 for places with at least 500 owner-occupied housing units with a mortgage, Business Insider made a map showing the town in each state with the lowest median selected monthly owner costs, including mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, property taxes, and other fees.

Here’s a table showing each of the towns, along with their median monthly housing costs for homeowners with a mortgage:

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This article first appeared in Business Insider

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