Here’s a bold interview trick with a 100% success rate

With the amount of competition in the job market due to current unemployment rates, any tips and tricks to get ahead in the interview process are priceless.

We have written countless articles on the Ladders about writing the perfect cover letter, how to craft an impressive resume, and how to master an interview

However, another element to the application process can give you an unfair advantage that no one is doing.

This technique has been perfected and taught by Greg Langstaff, a Certified Resume Strategist.

He has used this strategy to achieve a 100% success rate on every job he has applied for, and people who use it on him have also had similar results in being hired.

Use this bold interview trick to get hired  

The usual application process includes a cover letter and resume as the first screening section. If you pass the initial screening, you are invited to an interview panel. 

Most of us prepare for the interview process by studying the company and mastering the anticipated questions to confidently and thoroughly answer each question. But what if there were something extra you could do that would blow the minds of the interview panel?

Langstaff teaches us the secret trick that is a game-changer.

As you prepare for the job opening and process, bring an unsolicited example of your ability to do the job. 

For example, if you are applying for a social media marketing position, prepare and bring a social media campaign specifically for that company – that they didn’t ask for. Providing a prepared product will show your ability to do the job and your enthusiasm to work with the company. 

Other examples of what to prepare

  • Event planner position – bring an example of an event plan that is relevant to the company
  • Analyst – do a mockup analysis of the company to show your ability to do the job
  • Strategic planner – craft a strategic plan tailored around the company
  • Program manager – create a program outline and use the company in the example
  • Market researcher – conduct specific market research related to the organization and present it during the interview
  • Budget analyst – research as much as you can about the company to prepare a mock budget for the organization
  • Designer – depending on the type of design position you are applying for, you could design company-specific graphics, production design mockups, or any other relevant company tailored designs.

In addition to these specific positions, if the opportunity you are applying for does not fit within these types of jobs, there are other specific examples of your performance ability you could bring.

For example, you could create:

  • Your 90-day plan
    • Business managers and leaders are often asked to create a three or six-month plan for their vision and how they will accomplish the task. By preparing this ahead of time, it can give you a considerable advantage.
  • Reference letters from clients or customers
    • Most job applications require you to provide references but often only asks for their contact information. If you have specific letters or commendations from clients and customers, bringing these in to provide to the panel is a great way to impress them.
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat (SWOT) analysis
    • Depending on the role you are applying for, a SWOT analysis is a typical managerial plan required yearly. Completing this type of research to present to your interview panel shows you are ready to hit the ground running if you are selected for the position.

Use this technique with caution

While this trick can be a game-changer for talented individuals, it can also blow up in your face if done wrong. For example, if you are not proficient in any of the above criteria or don’t have enough information to present an example, providing a poorly crafted product can hurt your chances of getting the job. 

Use this technique only if you are confident you can provide a quality example of your ability to do the job.