Bounce back from pandemic rejections losses with 6 simple steps

Looking for a new job is never an easy task. 

Trying to find a job in the midst of a worldwide Pandemic after getting laid off doesn’t make matters easier. And if that wasn’t enough, facing a few rejections can only make matters worse. 

We all recognize the process of applying to a new job, interviewing, and getting your hopes up  can be emotionally draining, especially when we do it to find out the company “Moved forward with a different candidate.”

First, flip your mindset

There is a lot of wisdom in the cliche statement, “You get what you speak.” 

Whether you believe it or not, if you keep telling yourself you are not going to get a job, chances are you will prove yourself correct. And while we already noted that the job hunt process is emotionally draining, it’s your mindset and emotions that will ultimately help you get a job. 

Start by telling yourself great things about yourself to help your confidence. When faced with a few rejections, our confidence naturally takes a hit. Once you get your positive self-talk going, recognize you need to visualize yourself crushing the interview. 

Ask any athlete about visualization. Professional basketball players don’t envision the free-throw rimming out; they envision it going in the hoop! Now envision yourself landing a job!  

Next, keep in mind it’s always a numbers game 

Regardless of what you hear from a friend or family member, sometimes the process of landing a job boils down to putting the numbers in your favor!

Like a batter looking to break out of a slump or a sales team looking to hit their quota, sometimes we need to be OK with the fact that we might have to take a few more reps before we land the job we want. 

In addition to flipping your mindset and not getting too overly excited with one prospective job, it’s important to adopt a “Go for no” approach. Instead of looking at all the rejections, embrace them. 

Tell yourself your goal is to get 10 job rejections in the next 30 days. Doing this will increase the chances of you actually getting a job!

Adjust your approach

Remember, you’re not the only person applying for jobs, and there could be plenty of other applicants. Recognizing this, be sure to adjust your approach if you have faced a few rejections in the job hunt process. 

Perhaps making an earlier impression in the application process like a high-quality cover letter or reaching out directly to a hiring manager will set you apart before you ever interview! While applying is a numbers game, don’t think that you will land a job just because you apply. 

When the job market is competitive and the demand is low, you may have to rethink your approach to stand out! 

You can consider recording your interview for studying purposes (check the rules on this) or even doing a few mock interviews with friends, old co-workers, or your spouse! 

Focus on the end goal

Remember, as disheartening as a job rejection might feel; it’s not the rejection you after – it’s the job itself. 

Take a rejection not as negative, but instead as an opportunity to find a better job fit! Along the lines of visualizing and flipping your mindset, to move past the rejections, we have to remind ourselves that the end goal is a job, not feeling good at the moment! 

So while it might be hard, do your best to focus on the end goal and stick to your process! 

Be realistic

Sometimes the rejections have nothing to do with YOU, but everything to do with what they’re looking for that you might not have. 

As contradicting as this might seem, sometimes the job we apply for isn’t a good match. Perhaps the company is looking for someone with 10 years of experience for a lead role, and you only have two. In that case, it’s not a job rejection, but more of a disqualification simply because you don’t have the experience yet. 

Never take this personally; recognize that we have to be realistic about the job opportunities out there and our qualifications for them! 

Lastly, be patient 

Don’t shoot the messenger; trust us, we know you don’t want to hear, “Just be patient.” However, the truth of the matter is that while we typically take job rejection personally, during tough times like these (a deadly Pandemic), patience is something you’re going to want to really exhibit. 

Many companies are in a wait and hold mode. Regardless of how bad you want a job, sometimes enacting some patience is key. For one, companies and hiring managers can feel desperation. While you want to sell yourself in an interview, you also don’t want to come across as desperate for a job. 

Call it a sixth sense, but for some reason, hiring departments can recognize someone patient and someone who is saying whatever to get hired! 

The Verdict 

You got this! While it may not always work out in the timing you would prefer, inevitably, you will find another job. Diligence, mental fortitude, and patience will help you persevere and ultimately land the job you’re going after.

Just keep in mind you have to “Go for No” and keep on chugging along regardless of the result! Improve your confidence, tell yourself positive thoughts, and visualize yourself crushing your next interview!