This is how many people actually do Zoom calls from the bathroom

If you’ve been thinking about signing in to a Zoom conference call from the bathroom, you’re not alone.

One in six people participating in work conference calls admitted they’ve done it from the toilet, according to a new survey, which dived into the gross habits of people from the US and the UK.

Homecure Plumbers commissioned a poll of 1,128 people from both countries to dive into the deep, dirty truths behind bathroom behaviors and habits. Some routines sound pretty normal: 49% of participants said they browse the news while in the bathroom, which isn’t that different from people once reading magazines and newspapers on the pot.

Sixty-three percent of them browse social media and 43% said they play games on their phones.

But some habits are pretty abnormal. Ten percent said they do meditation while in the bathroom and another 8% admitted to even doing stretches while in the bathroom.

Those weird habits stretch into the workday. Nearly 18% said they participated in a conference call during work while in the bathroom, with younger workers leading the pack (21%).

The worst finding from the survey is people eat on the toilet. Four percent admitted to eating a meal while in the bathroom. Can’t say that’s sanitary.