Always end a phone interview with these 5 closing phrases

If you used to rely on your physical charisma in interviews, you’ll find yourself hard-pressed to make an impression these days.

Many companies use phone interviews to weed out unqualified applicants. They waste less time conducting a quick phone interview than they would if they talked to you in person.

So how do you make sure a company is interested in you with your closing phrases? Here are the top phrases to use.

Recap your experience

Always thank the interviewer for their time, but use this opportunity to recap your qualifications too.

Ending the conversation with a reminder about why you’re a good fit will keep it fresh in the interviewer’s mind.

Chances are they’ll interview many more people after you, but if you end with a gentle reminder, it may stick in his/her mind.

Ask what comes next

To show your interest in the position, not only should you thank the interviewer, but you should show interest by asking what comes next.

If you just thank him/her for the interview, it doesn’t show that you’re interested in the next steps. Instead, ask ‘what are the next steps’ or ‘when should I plan to hear from you next?’

Show your enthusiasm

If you know you’re meant for the role, show it in your closing statements. When you end the interview, reiterate what makes you the perfect fit for the job and why they should hire you.

Make it sound like the ‘X role’ will be an excellent fit for you and how you can help the company grow even further.

If you used any real-life examples during your interview, summarize them in the closing, so they stay fresh in the interviewer’s mind.

Ask if they need more information

Sometimes phone interviewers feel like they need to keep things short and sweet.

If you end with ‘is there any more information I can provide you?’ it allows them to ask more questions or keep the interview going. 

Give your final thoughts

If you feel like you didn’t have enough time to highlight all your strengths during the interview, when the interviewer asks if you have any more questions or anything to add, this is your chance.

As you close, say something like ‘as I stated during the interview, I can do X, Y,  Z, but what I didn’t have a chance to mention is I can also do X, Y, Z. It helps if you prepare beforehand your list of strengths or topics you want addressed to show that you are a suitable candidate for the job.

No matter how you close the interview, the key is to give them something to remember about you. Let them know why you are a good candidate and why you should be one of the few they select to move onto the next steps.

Be as specific, cheerful, and informative as possible when you give your closing statement.

This is likely one of the few things the interviewer will remember from your interview, so practice your endings and make sure you’ve got your script down before interviewing.