7 body language moves that will show people you are confident in only seconds

It’s a very powerful thing when you have the ability to make someone see you as confident from the moment they meet you. This can be done based on numerous things from your intelligence, humor, charm, sophistication, the list goes on and on.

Body language moves play key roles in determining if someone will figure out your power level instantly. This is an important part to your professional life if you are someone who wants to make an impression at every turn while your career ladder continues to rise.

Whether it be at an interview, a sales pitch, a promotion, or even just at a work event you want to give off the energy that you are the definition of confidence the second you begin conversating with a desirable person.

Want to make that happen as soon as possible? The seven moves below will help.

Make eye contact

A confident person will keep eye contact with you as long as its not uncomfortable for one or both parties to do so. If you are constantly looking elsewhere then it gives the impression that you are either nervous or not interested in the conversation or person you’re chatting with. Maintain eye contact, and while you’re at it, try to smize or smile as the chat goes on. It doesn’t hurt!

Firm handshake

Many of us are instilled from a young age to give anyone important we meet a firm handshake. Doing this in a weak or limp matter shows a lack of confidence. And don’t ever, ever, wave at the person when you meet them or just simply say hi and sit down. That can lead to someone thinking you’re being disrespectful or giving an impression that they aren’t worth the gesture.

Dress the part

Dressing to impress is of utmost importance in so many fields of work. Taking the time to put the extra effort in from a fashionable point of view can leave a lasting impression on someone. And don’t just go halfway with it. If you’re a guy, for instance, make sure your suit isn’t wrinkled, your shirt is properly tucked into your pants and your shoes shine bright like a diamond (cue Rihanna song here). A proper haircut and beard trim will be the cherry on top of an already delicious cake that you’ve styled to perfection.

Posture 101

This goes for when you’re sitting and standing. For both, straighten up. If someone’s walking over to you when you’re sitting and you’re slouching while devouring a plate of food it might make them instantly think that you’re behavior resembles a slob.

For standing, you don’t want to look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame to them so make sure your head is straight and your chin is tucked in ever so slightly upon first greeting. 

Remain cool, calm and collected

Confident people won’t display things that will make others think they’re nervous. A big example of this is being super fidgety. Let’s go back to making eye contact, our first step.

The person you’re talking to will more than likely break from that if they see you moving back and forth or hiding your hands in your pockets. It’s super distracting and draws attention away from what makes you such an awesome human being.

Slow It Down. Are you in a rush? Got somewhere you need to be instantly? Probably not, especially when making a first impression. It’s important to go at a certain pace verbally when meeting someone so they can meet you at an even playing field of conversation. Going at warped speed will cause them to think of any excuse they can to remove themselves from your discussion.

That swagger walk

You can easily exude confidence simply by the way you walk. If you see someone you think is worth talking to from across the room, and they happen to make eye contact, they can become instantly impressed by the swagger you have as you make your way over.

Take larger steps and walk with authority before figuring out the first thing to say to them that, if you’re confident, should be a no brainer.