Almost one-quarter of people oversleep at least once a week

With all of the gadgets and technology surrounding us at every moment, it’s a wonder we can get any sleep at all, but a surprising amount of people still manage to oversleep. According to a new study from Mattress-Inquirer of over 1,000 people, 55% of people oversleep at least once a week and 75% of those have missed work.

A little over 30% said they oversleep once a week and 24% do it multiple times a week. As for which generation does the most oversleeping it is Gen Z for the win as 36% of them oversleep multiple times a week followed by Millennials at 25%, Gen X at 20% and Baby Boomers at 12%. Of course, keep in mind that Gen Z includes people born from 1998 to 2017 which means a great chunk of their day is devoted to naps (and we aren’t just talking about college students.)

You snooze, you lose

Interestingly our wonderful smartphones, which we can’t live without have trouble doing one of the main things they are supposed to do. The survey found that 1 in 4 people who used a smartphone to wake up tended to oversleep then those who didn’t use a physical alarm clock. Nearly 1 in 3 people ‘always’ snooze their smartphone alarms. A significant number of people also reported that they had no consistent method of waking up. They just rely on their inner alarm clock. However, these people woke up an average of seven minutes later than those who used a smartphone.

As for the ramifications of sleeping late, they aren’t very good. It found that 27% of women who overslept felt anxious about being rushed, while it was only 15% for men. However, 11% of men worried they would miss out on an opportunity if they overslept while only 10% of women did. Take a look at some of the other consequences of pressing snooze.


And these were the top reasons people overslept.