Articles about Sleep


How writing a five-minute to-do list can help you fall asleep more quickly

We already know that writing a to-do list can help us hold ourselves accountable during busy work days. What you may not know is that your nightly to-do list can also be a way to cure your insomnia.


When you fail at counting sheep, try this word game to fall asleep

if you still can't sleep after counting sheep, try this sleep trick backed by cognitive science on how to purposefully scramble your thoughts using a word game until you can fall asleep.


10 ways to turn yourself into a productivity dynamo

You’re only productive at work three days out of the week. How can you improve that? Here are 10 easy ways that could change your life.


This is how to worry productively

Here's the science of how to manage your inner worrywart and use it as a productive force for good. Just follow these tips.


This is the surprising thing people say they’d do in a world where they never had to sleep

Sixty-five percent of Americans think it would "be desirable or very desirable to never have to sleep." Here's what they'd do instead.


4 ways to use technology to get your best night’s sleep

We've rounded up the best sleep technology that you can use when counting sheep isn't enough to help you find that elusive good night's sleep.


The 6 most dangerous sleeping habits for professionals

When a poor night’s sleep — thanks to a last-minute deadline! — becomes less random and more frequent, your performance may start to suffer.


Believing you’re an insomniac may be costing you sleep and productivity

Is your insomnia all in your head? Your inability to fall asleep is not enough to make you an insomniac — you have to identify as one, too.


Try this trick to go straight to sleep

Lack of sleep can take years off of your life. Here's a breathing technique that might just help you get those years back — while staying more productive.


3 reasons to start napping in the afternoon

We can make up for lack of sleep at night with short naps. The consensus among sleep experts and sleep studies find that afternoon hours work best.