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That nightmare you had may be the key to figuring out what is stressing you at work

Nightmares are rough. They are scary, disturbing and usually leave us with lots of questions about ourselves. They also can lead to major sleep deprivation. For people that suffer from true recurring nightmares they may try to avoid sleep in order to not have a nightmare which can take a major toll on both their mental and physical health. But it turns out, nightmares may have one perk. According to research, they can actually help you manage your stress better during the waking hours.

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How to detach from work to preserve your mental well-being

Mentally distracting oneself from work during out of work hours can help restore emotional, cognitive and spiritual resources lost because of long hours, work stress and demands.


This is exact time the average American first curses each day

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that cursing is the main way people show "frustration," at 63%, followed by "yelling" at 49% and "crying" at 39%. People turn to music for stress relief most often at 50%.


You may sleep through your next vacation, according to this new travel trend

Americans do not get enough sleep. This is a fact. And even when we do get sleep it is not usually high quality due to our inability to never be near a blue lit screen. And this is starting to cost us. This is why some hotels are now offering sleep packages and sleep vacations are becoming all the rage.


This group of workers sleeps on the job more than any other

Employees in some industries have a habit of sleeping on the job in certain places — but some people do so more than others. Research from Amerisleep shows that construction workers are sleeping on the job (despite not being allowed to) more than any other industry.


Here are the top places people fall asleep on the job

How many corners of the office is it possible to nap in? Recent research shows that people have gotten creative, whether they meant to or it happened accidentally.


The biggest mistakes you’ll make trying to beat jet lag

Every traveler dreads the side effect of global adventure — jet lag, the imbalance in our body's internal clock caused by traveling through too many time zone. It spoils your sleep, destroys your mood, ruins your appetite, wreaks havoc on your ability to concentrate, and drags down your energy levels.

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The science behind the perfect nap to boost productivity and creativity

Napping could help you overcome feelings of fatigue and raise your energy for the rest of the day, however, napping the wrong way could also leave you feeling even more groggy and waste valuable time.


This is how to sleep better: 5 secrets from neuroscience

I’ll bet you’re not getting enough sleep. Honestly, I’m kind of cheating — it’s a pretty safe bet. And this is the one post where if you fell asleep while reading it, well, I’m not offended.


Study: Doing this at work could sabotage your sleep

New research has found that acting immorally at work might also throw a wrench in your quality of sleep, among many other findings.


Study: ‘Night owls’ have increased risk of death over morning people

People who described themselves as partial to the later hours had a 10% higher risk of passing away than those who prefer the morning. The study was reportedly the "first" one finding that night people are more likely to be dealt this fate.


7 wellness hacks to supercharge your creativity before 10 a.m.

From what happens within the first hour after your alarm clock sounds to what you do right before you lock your front door, try these wellness hacks to boost your creativity, ASAP.


5 ways your phone is ruining your sleep (and your life)

Did you know that 71% of people actually fall asleep either holding their smartphone, having it in bed with them, or having it on their nightstand? In other words, we are addicted to our phones and it is really taking a toll on our sleep which can throw off our waking hours.


Tony Robbins shares the secrets of his success

“What you get will never make you happy. Who you become, that will make you very happy or very sad.”

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The states where the most (and least) stressed people live

Personal finance site WalletHub ranked which states had the most stressed-out people by looking at factors from hours worked per week to personal bankruptcy rate to share of adults getting adequate sleep.


Olympic champ Chloe Kim on the secret to facing challenges head on

This is how she conquered the halfpipe.

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This is what your pre-bed routine reveals about your work personality

Whatever small action you take before bed can say a lot about your personality type.


Bad sleep habits cost companies over $136 billion in lost productivity

So you got a bad night of sleep? Maybe you are a bit tired at work the next morning? Maybe this actually happens a few nights per week? No big deal, right? WRONG.


Sounds of silence: Could ‘colored noise’ be the secret to better sleep?

Those of us in search of a better night’s sleep might assume the best environment for this is one of silence. But could the solution actually lie in immersing ourselves in more colored noise?


The 3 most harmful sleeping habits for professionals

The era of burning the candles at both ends has burnt out.


7 productivity hacks for when you don’t sleep a wink

There’s nothing more taxing — or overwhelming — than attempting to get through your workday when you’re exhausted. Before your boss catches you napping in your cubicle, read these tips on how to maintain steam at the office, no sleep required.


Arianna Huffington on sleep, burnout culture and a new FOMO

For National Sleep Day, we spoke to Arianna Huffington what companies can do to help their employees' sleep habits, and her company Thrive's new app.


Survey: Sleep habits are problematic on a global scale

New research shows that 67% of adults around the world believe sleep has a major impact on their personal wellness, and "worrying" is the top culprit.

How to deal with Daylight Saving Time — and what to look forward to

It's easy to have a love-hate relationship with Daylight Saving Time starting.


Study reveals the work issues people lose the most sleep over

People stay up worrying for a variety of reasons, but for some, it's because of work. Nearly half of workers can't get a good night's rest because of their jobs.