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Mental Health

What is catastrophic thinking? (and how to stop)

This anxiety spiral — also known as “catastrophic thinking” or “magnifying,” — often occurs alongside anxiety and depression.

Office Life

10 tweaks to your morning routine that will transform your entire day

"The Nottingham research has led me to uncover ways we can break bad habits in the morning and maximize our energy and self-control throughout the day."

Food at Work

The real reason you should have a lemon everyday

When you down enough lemon, you improve your stomach’s ability to break down the foods you’re consuming. Such an easy way to boost your health, right?

How to

3 ways to make planning a vacation a little easier for you

Time to get away, take a break from the stresses of work, and provide yourself with a little vacation time? Here are three ways to take the edge off.


Survey: These are the most (and least) diverse states in the country

The list of diverse states is literally all over the map, but the Northeast stands out as one of the least diverse sections of America.

Personal Finance

76% of young adults believe they’ll be better off financially than their parents

According to a recent survey, 76% of millennials and gen Z between the ages of 16 and 25 believe they’ll be better off financially than their parents.

The Whole Human

The Teflon Mind: How to let go of the past

"Remember, when there’s nothing to attach to, there’s nothing to let go of. That’s the beauty of building a non-stick mind."

How To

3 ways to have a life when you spend hours commuting daily

There are things you can do to do improve your off-hours when traveling to and from the office takes up too much of your time.

Office Life

On obstacles, ‘the process’ and pivot points

Take chances, put yourself out there and watch what the market tells you. There’s a signal in all the noise, and if you listen closely you’ll find it.

The Whole Human

There are no ‘barriers to entry’ –  The only thing stopping you is you

No one is standing in your way. Remove the mental and emotional obstacles, and you’ll find yourself creating beautiful work.

The Commute

The states with the safest and most dangerous commutes

Commutes are a major part of our lives – we spend nearly 38,000 total hours driving – so, what are the best and worst states for drivers?


This is how to raise emotionally intelligent kids: 5 secrets from research

What usually underlies bad behavior is how kids handle negative emotions. And this is something we rarely teach deliberately and almost never teach well.


60% of American homeowners say they don’t have a disaster plan

The fact people aren't prepared for a disaster is especially alarming, given what Hurricane Florence has already done in the Carolinas.


Why it’s ok to be the cliché tourist

Some scoff at tourists posting the same photos or not having the authentic experience, but there’s nothing wrong with being a cliché tourist.


5 excellent ways you can crush negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can slow down your business and personal goals. Here is how you can turn them around and make them work for you.

Levelling Up

10 small habits that have a huge return on life

Everyone can adopt any habit they want. Don’t worry about how you will change. Focus on what habits you want to form and why.


Why team sports can help you live longer

It pays to play well with others: A new study shows that people who participated in team activities had a health advantage over people who exercised alone.


5 new books I’m reading to boost my career and life this fall

From Maxie McCoy to Brene Brown (and some are delightful new finds), I hope you’ll join me as I devour these books, page-by-page.


This is what happens in your brain when you sleep

Sleeping can feel as effortless as turning off the lights and waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, but your brain is way more active than you think.

The Whole Human

Fundamental attribution error: Why you make terrible life choices

Live a happier more empathetic life. The next time you are tempted to give someone the stink eye or judge them, remember they’re human, just like you.

Job Search

4 ways job searching is a whole lot like dating

Here are 4 specific ways job searching is like dating, along with how you can stand out during the hiring process using some of the same tactics.

Levelling Up

The essential quality you need to reach a new elevation

The quality that will move us closer to our goals and dreams is all about self-restraint, not sweating the small stuff or giving in to petty grievances.


Pursue the extraordinary: The power of moonshot thinking

Once you actually pursue the extraordinary, you will rise above the stale neural pathways that dominate ordinary thinking.

Personal Finance

8 things you’re spending too much money on – and how to stop

There’s a handful of things we all spend too much on, but a few painless tweaks can add up to major savings. Here are some tips on budgeting.


What happened when I listened to some unwanted advice

Unwanted advice can be productive. Sometimes, people may be able to spot something you can’t spot yourself or offer open your eyes to something new.