A digestive disaster! Employee bakes laxative-laced brownies for her coworker’s farewell

Before you eat the baked goods your coworker brought, make sure that you actually trust their good intentions. One 47-year-old Michigan employee was just fired for bringing laxative-laced brownies that were intended for a departing coworker’s goodbye party.

Revenge was almost served through laxative-filled brownies

When we don’t like our coworkers, we may choose the more passive-aggressive option of talking behind their back or even eating their lunch. But this unnamed employee went a more creative route and decided to serve her revenge on a platter of bowel-clearing desserts. Employees interviewed by police said there was brewing tension between the departing colleague and the brownie baker.

Did anyone actually eat these digestive disasters? Thankfully not. The police were tipped off to the woman’s devious plot by her company, MMI Engineered Solutions before she could get away with it. The local Saline, Michigan, police chief Jerrod Hart said the company confiscated the brownies before they could be eaten by any unsuspecting employees.

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The employee initially denied her brownie’s purgative properties, but confessed after police said they would forensically test the brownie’s contents.

“A lot of times you see it in movies or TV shows where someone tries to do this or play a joke, but it’s very serious,” Hart said. “It’s a criminal act.”

Maybe next time your coworker annoys you, try the more legal options of journaling or talking it out before you decide to bake your rage out.