Here are the Top 10 ways people exact revenge on their coworkers

Think about it: How many times has getting angry, led you to get even? If you’ve done so in the workplace, you’re not alone.

Research from insuranceQuotes found that 44% of employees have admitting do so, with the most popular way being to affect a person’s work quality, followed by spreading rumors. The company surveyed 1,062 people, 468 of whom said they’d gotten revenge on someone at work. These were the Top 10 ways they said they had done so:

Among those who have gotten even, 45% rake in a yearly salary of $75,000 or more yearly and 45% make $15,000 or less yearly.

In terms of job level, 36% of those who’ve gotten revenge are at “entry level,” 40% are “associate” level, 38% are “general manager” level, and 45% are “senior manager” level.

Here’s why people say they have gotten even

The most popular reason for getting revenge was because someone “tried to make me look bad” at 51%, followed by someone “was rude or disrespected me” at 50% and that someone “annoyed me” at 47%.

So, who’s gotten caught?

Among those who took revenge, 83% said that they “got away with” it, 55% had nothing happen as a result, 19% received “a warning,” 11% each lost their job or were “formally written up” and 5% got “temporarily suspended.”