7 science-backed ways to make your weekend feel longer

The weekend is a guiding light that leads us through the toil and trouble of the working week. And those two days of freedom are undeniably wonderful. But oftentimes a two-day break feels too short to enjoy.

Friday night is either lost to exhaustion or flies by in a blitz of after-work drinks. Saturday morning is waking up and catching up with chores around the home. By the time Sunday comes, you’re half getting over Saturday night’s exertions and half-anticipating Monday just around the corner.

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One day soon, hopefully, robots will pick up the slack and we can enjoy a four-day week! But until then, there are techniques you can use to make your weekend feel longer and more productive.

Let’s face it, leaving work at the door makes for a pretty good start. There’s no need to feel guilty about switching off your work phone and leaving your laptop at the office, since a couple of days away from your devices can increase your creativity by 50%!

Just to make sure you’re not tempted to check your notifications, why not take a long, adventurous hike somewhere without Wi-Fi?

And if you suffer from the guilt of ‘doing nothing productive,’ consider signing up to a course or meeting with a friend to teach each other your special skills. You can try anything from a new recipe to a new language.

Not only will that guilt drop away, but you’ll notice that time has passed more slowly – since your mind is ticking faster and faster to process all that new information. Just think about how long your school years seemed to take to pass!

We’ve created a new resource to share our favorite practical, research-backed tips for having a more productive weekend that feels longer.

That island of peace between oceans of work is a precious place to be. Wouldn’t you like a bit more room to stretch your legs?

This article originally appeared on Budget Direct.

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