7 online masters courses that will transform your career

If your current career is stagnant and in need of a change, it may be time to pursue that master’s course you have put off for far too long.

Online learning is increasing in popularity due to the efficiency and flexibility of not driving to a central location for in-person learning. 

Due to the flexibility, you may be able to complete your online master’s course without having to take any time off of work. Completing your coursework on nights and weekends from the comfort of your home is a reality many are taking advantage of.

If you’re on the fence about going back to school, these benefits may help you make a decision:

1. An infusion of energy

Completing additional coursework related to your career field or another field you will pursue can add a different element of energy to you and your career.

The completion of these programs can impact your ability to grow in your career and establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

2. Increased salary

Many companies reward employees who possess certain degrees and licenses.

If your company does not increase your salary based on education level, other jobs may open to you based on your newly held credentials.

3. Improved writing skills

In any master’s course or program, a large amount of writing is usually required.

If this sounds intimidating, focus on the results you will achieve by refining your writing style and ability to put thoughts together. 

Here are the top 7 online masters courses that will transform your career:

These online master’s courses have the potential of helping you transform your career into what you want.

Whether it’s to prepare for a career change or move up the ladder, these courses are sure to help you reach your goals.

1. Master of Business Administration

Not surprisingly, an MBA is highly sought after as recruiters eye potential graduates.

The impact of obtaining an MBA is optimistic as companies expect MBA hiring to rise to pre-pandemic levels this year.

2. Master of Economics

Some senior economists have been successful with only a bachelor’s degree. Still, most companies require new hires to have a Master of Economics degree to make a decent salary. 

With the continuing volatility in finance and economics, the more educated employees will increase their value as people, and businesses lean more heavily on them for guidance.

3. Master of Science in Finance

Like an economic course, finance and reliable financial decisions are in the spotlight as companies struggle to make ends meet.

Food and service industries were hit especially hard by the pandemic, and a knowledgeable financial advisor is invaluable to help them survive financially.

4. Master of International Relations

The year 2020 thrust businesses into the online workspace, which caused new business plans and methodology to change quickly.

Because communication is primarily done through video conferences and technology, a connection with international shareholders, customers, and employees is becoming a necessity.

This master’s course will help you navigate and advise companies on the best way to take advantage of this new network.

5. Master of Organizational Leadership

The quick change of business structure and culture left many leaders struggling to cope with the change.

Organizational leadership focuses on how to influence change and create cultures of teamwork and motivation in employees. If leadership is in your future, an Organizational Leadership course should be at the top of your list.

6. Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity positions continue to go unfilled as employers struggle with finding qualified candidates to keep their networks secure.

Many organizations have extremely sensitive information that needs to be accessible to internal customers but inaccessible to outside entities such as hackers.

The immediate need for skilled cybersecurity experts promises high salaries and job security.

7. Master of Science in Nursing

Before the pandemic, the United States was in a nursing shortage and recruiting nurses from other countries. Now, over a year into the pandemic, and nurses continue to be in need.

Since demand is much more than availability, a Maser of Science in Nursing will definitely transform your career.

Motivate yourself and your employer

Education is a priceless asset that can’t be taken away. With the current stock market volatility, now is the perfect time to start investing – in yourself.

Look into one of these online master’s courses to push your career to the next level.