6 tips for surviving a marathon workday

There are days where you slip into work at 9 am and get to head out before 5 pm … and then there are ones where you leave a little after dawn and get home well after nightfall.

Welcome to the marathon workday. Here are six tips for surviving the longest one ever.

Get some shuteye

If you roll into bed super late the night before an especially long day, chances are, you’ll roll out of it feeling both exhausted and angry with yourself.

So make a real effort to get to sleep at a reasonable time the night before. If that means you have to plan out what you’re wearing a few days ahead, do so. This will give you more time to plan out the logistics and do other preparation.

Scale down as much as possible

Do you usually carry a heavy bag or backpack to work? Try to pare things down as much as you can — pack a smaller wallet, travel size items and leave what you don’t need at home.

You might have a long day ahead, but hey, at least you’ll physically feel a lot lighter.

Pack extra snacks and chargers

This can come in handy during both a super crowded commute and a marathon workday. So be sure to slip extra snacks and chargers in your bag before you leave the house. This way, you won’t be stranded with nothing to eat and no power.

Plus, if you don’t have an external charger lying around, there’s nothing wrong with bringing your actual one with you in case your battery dies.

Wear clothes and shoes that you can spend a whole day in

Don’t spend the day in anything that feels too restrictive. If you do, your discomfort will probably eat away at you after a while.

Instead, wear clothes that feel both comfortable and empowering, and the right shoes for the occasion. Ladies, don’t forget the oldest rule in the stylebook: keeping an extra pair of flat shoes on hand if you have to wear heels. You’ll be glad you did.

Write things down …

… or you might just forget everything you have to do that day!

Whether you’re into pens and paper, or lists on your phone or laptop, it pays to write things down. It’s one of the best ways to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Carry your task list with you and you’ll be in good shape.

Listen to your favorite podcast and/or music

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m obsessed with podcasts. So much free, interesting audio is available to listen to online.

So use this to your advantage: When you feel your energy begin to dip, put some headphones on and start listening away. If you’re a fan of a specific podcast, the hosts’ energy and conversation are sure to pique your interest as the day drags on.

But if music is more your style, feel free to tune into that instead. Either way, you’ll probably feel a lot more motivated than you were moments before. After all, research has found that pop music boosts productivity, according to office workers.

Good luck!