5 ways to cope with endless transit delays on your commute

It’s one thing to get caught up in transit delays on your commute once in a while, but what happens when this becomes an everyday-of-the-workweek kind of thing?

Here’s what to do when you’ve had it up to here with public transportation to and from work.

Don’t just sit in silence — listen to something good

Tune into anything that will lift your spirits: whether that’s music, a podcast or an audiobook.

It’s really up to you, as long as it has the power to mask other commuters’ delay complaints or help you crack a smile during your early-morning or early-evening travels.

You can also use a music playlist to get more work done.

Read something — in whatever form you’d like

In an age where reading digital books on your phone is mainstream, whipping out a physical copy of a book can feel retro.

Every once in a while, I see someone with a book in hand on the train, and I remember how fulfilling it can be to get lost in a story in public— no matter how uncommon it is to actually see one.

So, take your pick: reading on your phone, tablet, a paperback or hardcover can help you forget that you’re stuck on the way to work, yet again.

Take an alternate route

Don’t limit your commute to Plan A.

Even if you’re not constantly running into delays, it pays to have another route in your back pocket. After all, you never know. This is where plans B, C, and D could be a big help.

So take the time to map out other ways to and from work before it’s too late.

Leave as early as possible

If you want to take your usual route to or from work, you’re going to want to give yourself more than enough time to get where you’re going— especially if you’ve had transportation troubles all week.

Check your social media channels and official transportation websites for any alerts that have popped up. Sign up for text or email alerts as well so that you’re never the last to find out that your ride probably won’t go as planned.

Otherwise, if there’s ongoing train track work, suspended service or any other functionality problem, you could find out the hard way.

You know the drill: Take a nap, if you can

This one is truly a no-brainer!

You’ll probably fall asleep on a long ride, anyway. Plus, if everyone is getting off at the same destination, you should have no problem waking up when your train or bus comes to a screeching halt.