5 ways to come across more naturally in interviews

If you want that next job, just act naturally during your interview. Easier said than done, right? The more natural you can perform during times of stress and pressure, such as in an interview, the more confidence your potential employer will have in hiring you for the position.

Use these five tips to give yourself a leg up against the competition to come off more natural in interviews.

1. Understand the mission and history of the company you are applying for

A shocking statistic uncovered by Twin Employment Training found that 47 percent of the time, people who do not have historical knowledge of a company did not get the job.

The reason for this is employers want to see that the candidate has a genuine interest in the company and has done their homework. 

By thoroughly researching a company, you will be much more prepared to talk in-depth about its organizational mission and direction without stumbling over your words.

Failing to prepare for an interview by researching the company is a quick way to come off unprepared and unnatural during an interview.

2. Practice making eye contact with your interviewers

Making eye contact, especially when you’re nervous, can be uncomfortable. This is why many people look down or away when they are trying to think of the next thing to say in the interview to regain focus. However, some people that look away for a minute to gather their thoughts forget to go back to maintaining eye contact with interviewers. 

Use family members or friends to put you through mock interviews and ask you questions you think may be asked of you. Focus on making none threatening eye contact and answer questions confidently and accurately without talking in circles. 

Eye contact during an interview is a skill that can be learned with a little practice and will significantly help you appear more natural in interviews. To give you more incentive to practice eye contact, Twin Employment Training uncovered that  65 percent of interviewers admitted not giving a candidate a position because they wouldn’t make eye contact.

3. Practice breathing techniques

One of the more well known but difficult techniques to master is a breathing technique that calms your heart and nerves before and during an interview.

By slowing your heart-rate through breathing manipulation, you can come off more naturally in interviews by avoiding hyperventilation that comes with nervousness.

Practice this easy breathing technique to calm your nerves quickly:

  • Close your mouth and slowly inhale through your nose for a steady four seconds
  • After a full breath, hold your breath for seven seconds
  • Finally, exhale slowly from your mouth for a total of eight seconds 
  • Do this for a full four breaths to greatly reduce your nervousness 

This breathing technique is popular in Yoga Culture and helps people maintain peace and control over their nervous system.

4. Smile and enjoy yourself

You know you’re going to be great at this job, so it’s time to show it. Prepare for the job interview ahead of time by studying your resume and knowing how your experience will help you be successful in this new position. Smile when you enter the room and when you answer questions.

5. Be natural by being prepared

Prepare mock questions and interview other employees at the company to know what to expect in your upcoming interview. If you know the types of questions the hiring manager typically asks, interviewing others in the company can quickly uncover some of these questions. 

Form a structure for answering certain types of common questions so you can appear much more natural when faced with a familiar problem.

By sticking with these five tips, you will be prepared to come off much more natural in interviews and finally get that job you have been working so hard for!