5 unconventional team-building activities that really work

In order for a business to prosper and be more successful, the people working there should give their maximum and invest all their effort and creativity into building the company along with their boss. So, if you want your staff to be happy to work for you and with you, you should organize some team-building activities for them occasionally. However, if these activities aren’t interesting or stimulating enough, you might end up with a bunch of disgruntled people, blaming you for wasting their precious time. So, here are five activities your employees will actually like and which can make them function better as a team.

Zombie Escape

This activity requires good problem-solving skills, but also close collaboration of all the members of the team. The scenario is fun, interesting and maybe even a bit scary. The team is locked in a room with a zombie tied with a rope. The goal is to escape the room by solving different puzzles and problems, without being caught by the zombie. In the beginning, it might seem easy, since the rope holding the zombie in place is short. However, every five minutes the rope gets longer and the zombie gets closer to the “living”. By that time, the team members will be desperately trying to find the answers to all sorts of trick questions in a space that gets more limited as the zombie’s rope gains length. Solving riddles and putting heads together towards a common objective will help your employees build a strong team culture and provide them with the experience they can later use on your next company project.

Laser Tag

This is another activity which will force your team to solve problems together, but also make quick and vital decisions under a lot of pressure, all the while working on enhancing their communication skills and building mutual trust. What more could you want from a team? Plus, this is a recreational activity, since there’s a lot of moving around while trying to avoid being shot, or trying to eliminate a player from the opposing team. Physical activities such as this one can boost their self-esteem, but also improve their immune system and overall wellbeing. So, while they’re having a blast and going through an adrenaline rush, they’ll also be gaining experience they’ll later be able to use at work. And not only that. They’ll be happy and excited as children, which will enhance their mood, promote good health and help them focus next time they go back to work.

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Everybody feels better and more useful when they help someone and do something inspiring. And when it’s a team effort, there’s a shared sense of achievement, which grows and multiplies as it moves from one person to another. The key is to find something most of your employees are passionate about and work towards helping that organization or charity. For example, in companies where most employees are female, the team might find a foundation which give disadvantaged girls scholarships to improve their odds at getting good education. These kinds of foundations provide girls with study equipment, various resources and even tutoring, which is something everybody would be happy to contribute to. So, by engaging in activities with such great goals, not only will your employees be a part of something memorable and show good initiative, but they’ll also exhibit social responsibility, which could be a great asset to you and your company.

Tough Mudder

When it comes to team-building activities, this is probably one of the most challenging one, mentally and physically. This is something that requires people to train and prepare themselves for weeks or even months ahead, since the activity includes a whole range of difficult challenges, which you can only overcome if you’re fit, of clear mind and dedicated. And even though it may appear that having grown people crawling through mud, dangling from ropes and jumping over pits isn’t something that a business could have any use of, this is actually a great way for a team to bond and bring some new energy into the office. It teaches people not to give up, no matter the obstacles, as well as to turn to each other for support and advice when they get stuck. Once they realize that’s the best way to go forward, they’ll implement it at work and your company can benefit from it greatly.

Museum Hack

This is a new and innovative way to visit museums. Museum hack is an interactive and quite an adventurous way to go through different museums and to introduce people to art and history in a way they’ll love and remember. The goal is not to overload people with information about everything there is to see in a museum, but rather to choose specific wings and works of art which will be presented through interesting stories and games, making the tour more dynamic than anything you could have imagined. This is a great activity for your staff, since it will give them the opportunity to see something they haven’t before, to learn something new and intriguing, but in a stimulating and thought-provoking manner. What your employees can draw from the experience is that there is always a new and different way to approach each problem, project or job and that some fresh perspective can improve their efficiency, along with your business.

The ideas are all there. Now just pick one and make your company work better by making your employees happy.

Isabel William is consultant by day and a blogger by night and om to twins 24/7.