5 reasons why you should consider a professional resume writer

Looking for your dream job? Whether you’re already as qualified as they come or you’re hoping your personality will help land you the job, your expertise and experience doesn’t matter if your resume isn’t up to code—and sometimes, a little help goes a long way.

There are handfuls of benefits that come along with working with a professional resume writer—even if you consider yourself a decent writer.

Resume writers have expertise that comes with years of HR experience and they know how to position your resume properly to ensure it gets noticed, even in this competitive job market when standing out from the competition is vital.

“Good resume writers stay on top of best practices in their field and how to navigate the hiring landscape,” explains Debra Boggs, Co-Founder of D&S Professional Coaching. “Because of this expertise, they can position your resume the way they know hiring managers want to see it.

They also often know what information is important to recruiters and hiring managers so no important details are missed.”

With that in mind, we’ve tapped into our network of C-level executives and HR professionals to get their take on why hiring a resume writing service is key to landing your dream job.

Bragging about yourself doesn’t come naturally.

According to Boogs, it is often difficult for people to write about themselves in terms of their accomplishments and strengths, as bragging about yourself doesn’t come naturally to most people.

“With a good resume writer, they will take you through a detailed process to extract the necessary information and write it on your behalf, resulting in a much stronger document.”

A well-crafted resume stands out—even if you’re slightly less qualified

“I see and appreciate a well-crafted resume and can tell when someone has gone through the pains to have a professional look at it,” says Andrew Taylor, Director at Net Lawman.

“Hiring individuals myself, I would choose a person who has taken this great care and invested in themselves over another who provides me with a mediocre resume, if their skills were matching.” 

It will ensure your resume makes it past applicant tracking systems (ATS)

These days, most employers have an applicant tracking system (ATS) to sort relevant resumes before sending them to the hiring manager—and if you’re not using the proper formatting or keywords, there’s a good chance your resume will never be seen.

“If you opt for a resume writing service, you will stand out as a professional resume writer uses bullets that contain quantifiable results,” explains Shana Robinson, Wellbeing Advisor and Career Coach, “the impact you made and call out your strengths while being brief so you fly through the ATS.” 

Professional resume writing services like TopResume employ HR experts in a wide variety of fields who know exactly how to optimize your CV to ensure it passes through the ATS every single time.

Your resume will tell a cohesive story

Robinson also added that professional resume writers are often former recruiters or HR professionals, so they know the exact ins and outs of what a company is looking for from first hand experience and how to edit a resume to tell a compelling and cohesive story.

There will be absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors

“I have definitely seen professional resume writing services come in handy to fix mistakes that could prevent someone from getting hired,” explains Kevin Miller, Founder and CEO of The World Counter. “Resume writing is an art. You have to list your credentials without coming off as eager without seeming desperate.”

Miller also urges that resume writers know to avoid certain words that should not be used on a resume. “Please do not use the word ‘dabbled’ or anything like it in your resume. If the thing you are listing is something you only ‘dabbled’ in, then it probably shouldn’t be on your resume!”