4 ways to tie up loose ends in your career before fall

Although I’d rather not think about it, we’re just days away from September at this point. But with summer’s beginning and eventual end, we’ve had the chance to reinvent ourselves during the warmer months.

Still, what if you’ve spent weekends working on your new passion project on and off, nights on your side hustle, and working a day job, all in between a few trips to the beach? It’s enough to make anyone feel like they’re losing control.

It’s time to tie up all those loose ends before fall comes around — here’s how.

Email that professional contact who hasn’t heard from you in a while

It can be so embarrassing to creep out from the shadows via email after a year and a half of no professional contact.

But just go for it — after all, it’s better to try reconnecting with your network than to fall behind. So email them politely and see what happens. Just be sure to ask about them and if you can be of any help in the near future.

Clean up your resume and LinkedIn page

While we should always have our resume ready to go, this can be a lot easier said than done.

So put in the hard work up front: Chop off positions that don’t belong there anymore and get specific with what you choose to include. Don’t be too wordy– this will only backfire on you in the space department.

Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile is in top shape: Have a profile picture that reflects the way you look now, make sure you’ve filled in all the relevant fields, check up on your privacy settings before you make big changes to your page — you don’t want your boss getting suspicious.

Start chipping away at that big project

Start your big project by giving yourself credit for making progress — any progress. Just make sure you stick to it in the long haul: You’ll thank yourself in a few months if you love where it’s going. Also, “divide and conquer” by splitting the project into different parts, and consider beginning with things that require less effort than others.

Take it day by day, and watch where your creativity takes you.

Do some “spring cleaning” in the spirit of fall

Choose not to live in a world of clutter!

Give yourself the time you need to clean up your workspace and your home, whether it’s done on a bunch of weekends, or in one fell swoop. So take a page out of the spring cleaning book and clean off your desk, buy a new plant for it, empty old drawers and throw out papers that are irrelevant.

Also, make sure that your room isn’t too messy so that you can focus when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night.