4 ways to enjoy the first day of summer – even if you’re not on vacation

Newsflash: It’s HOT out!

If your weather has been anything like ours in New York City lately, you know that summer is well on its way: In fact, the first day of summer is this week.

As nice as it would be to have off that day, if you don’t, here’s how to enjoy it — even if you’re not relaxing at the beach on vacation somewhere.

Wear something summery to work – but still be professional

Certain wardrobe pieces, like cropped pants for men and headbands for women, can make the right statement this summer. But you don’t want to be that employee wearing flip-flops or super-sheer tops all day.

Either way, wearing something professional that actually embraces the warmer weather is a good way to remind yourself that it’s summer vacation season.

So start feeling festive, and start planning something if you haven’t already — whether it’s a staycation at home or a long weekend with friends.

Put a plant on your desk

Certain indoor office plants can make you feel better and clean your air — so give the peace lily, Barberton daisy or spider plant a try, among others.

You’ll also have something to look at and tend to, which can be a nice distraction from all the work you have to do, even though warmer temperatures are practically screaming at you to leave your desk.

It’s like bringing a piece of the great outdoors inside the office.

Go on a walk outside

Research has found that spending time outdoors in greenery improves how you feel about yourself more than spending time in spaces that aren’t naturally occurring.

So take a walk before you start feeling overwhelmed, a headache hits, or another massive folder of assignments lands on your desk for the second time this week.

Watching other people enjoy the summer weather outside is bound to remind you that an entire world exists outside your workplace — you just have to hurry up and finish your work so you can join them.

Treat yourself to ice cream or frozen yogurt after work

You can’t go wrong with a cool treat once business hours have come and gone. But if ice cream, frozen yogurt or Italian ice just aren’t cutting it for you, consider planning a happy hour with friends or coworkers in the spirit of the new season.

Since the first day of summer falls on a Thursday this year, you might as well get your weekend started a little bit early.