4 secrets every carry-on traveler swears by

It’s all about a little of strategic thinking, planning and charm! No matter if you are rushing to an airplane to sign the business deal or just want a spontaneous weekend getaway. These 4 secrets are what every successful fashionista swears by. Trust us on this one!

1. Everything starts with the right airport look! Look polished and smart, but most importantly – feel comfortable!

Usually, when getting ready for a flight we tend to jump into some grey sweatpants and throw on large sunglasses, so no one would see our dark under-eyes. Right? Wrong. As you probably have a short trip, you want to keep nothing but a small hand luggage with you, so you have to think smart in terms of your airport look. It has to be versatile, so the pieces you are going to wear could be worn both on a business meeting, a night out, or on a morning walk in the park. So style on the most versatile pieces that would take the largest space in your luggage on your trip to the airport – this will let you be creative once you arrive at your destination.

2. Right bag is going to determine 90% of your trip! We swear by it!

If you just have a couple days off at your summerhouse, or out for a business trip, the last thing you want to have with you is a large suitcase. Even a carry-on type is going to be a burden, so we have a little tip to share with you. Many celebs and lady bosses have been using this trick for years! That’s right – a holdall bag! It fits way more than you might think, plus it can be easily placed in the planes luggage compartment and will look cute and luxurious in the backseat of your car while driving to another city! Not to mention, if styled smart – it can look very polished even when being out and about at the city!

3. Fail to plan? Plan to fail

We already mentioned planning and strategic thinking at the very beginning right? We just want to throw it in once again, because of how crucial it is. You will definitely see the difference when you schedule all your days while you are away, create checklists for items you need to pack and sort your duties out before leaving for a couple days.

Never underestimate the power of planner, calendar on your iPhone and various checklist apps that are available on the app store. Plus, a tip that saved us a many of our business deals is an automated “Out of Office” message on your email, so your business partners and clients would know that you are away, so they could contact you personally.

4. Saving space for things that truly matter

Having a minimalistic mindset when traveling is a key. As you are only having a holdall weekender bag with you, it is crucial to be smart with your space. Stock up on the travel size toiletries and only pack the makeup that you are actually going to use. Roll your clothes, and leave your outfit experimentation ideas for when you’re back home. Just be sure to leave some space for classic pointy toe pumps— as with those you can never be wrong – neither in a business meeting nor when having a night out!