4 phrases to use in every conversation to make you more successful

What you say matters. This rule of thumb applies to nearly every situation in life.

No matter the scenario, it’s important to always pick and choose your words carefully. Words can affect how successful we are in life, as well. Everyone wants to succeed, but some flounder in the moment, not knowing what to say or coming across in a negative light.

There are certain key phrases that most successful people use in their daily lives. Below are some of the top phrases you should start incorporating into your conversations in order to achieve success.

1. “I can do this”

This isn’t a phrase you would say someone, but something you should tell yourself before a big conversation. Self-confidence goes a long way, especially in a work setting.

Confidence comes across in our body language and the way we speak. Repeating this phrase to yourself daily – even if you don’t feel like you’ve really got it – will help gradually build faith in oneself throughout future conversations.

“It all starts with believing in yourself. People are successful because they are confident in their own abilities. This confidence comes from inside out. When faced with something scary or challenging, this is what they say. This gets them to start which is typically the most difficult part,” reads Nextiva.

2. “I was wrong”

Some may be confused as to why this is a phrase that would lead to being successful. After all, admitting you’re wrong in a situation doesn’t prove your point and shows that the other person’s ideas, beliefs, what have you were in fact valid. However, everyone appreciates when another person can own up to a wrongdoing and apologize for it. 

“The Carnegie institute specifically teaches doing so “emphatically.” For example, instead of just saying “I’m sorry,” elaborate a bit to ensure the other party really feels your emotion. You could say, “Hey, I’m really wrong about that and I’m really sorry.” The emphatic nature of this style of apology diffuses the other person more quickly and also creates a culture where it’s safe to admit mistakes,” cites Reader’s Digest.

3. “How are you?” 

Such a simple phrase, but it can do so much good. Simply asking how someone’s day is establishes a few important traits about yourself in the person’s mind that you’re speaking to.

Firstly, it lets them know that you are a friendly person. It’s common courtesy to ask how someone is, and having this level of respect for who you are speaking with is important. Secondly, it shows the person you are taking an interest in them. This is a form of flattery – everybody likes to be acknowledged and respected. Asking how someone’s day is going is a small way to get on their good side.

“We all have that coworker, but we don’t have to be that coworker. Using extreme friendliness with the toughest cookie in your department may not change their generally terrible demeanor towards the world, but you may be the person who, as Shwab calls it, “begins in a friendly way.” He compares it to how a dog acts when they can’t wait to see you, complete with the wagging tail. “You will be shocked by the way they change,” says Reader’s Digest.

4. “No one else wants to, so I will”

This last one is more geared towards the workplace, but can be applied in other life scenarios as well. Taking the initiative – more specifically, tackling tasks many others won’t do – can help set you apart as a hard-working team player.

Taking on challenges that others at work are scared to do will help you overcome boundaries and establish confidence. Plus, colleagues notice your hard work and commitment to the team.

“Often, the easiest way to be different is to do what other people are unwilling to do. Pick one thing other people won’t do. It can be simple. It can be small. Doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, do it. Instantly, you’ll be a little different from the rest of the pack,” says The Muse.

Not only are these phrases to start incorporating into your conversations, but it’s also important to make them a lifestyle. Live by your words – take on challenges in your personal life. Make it an effort to silence the negative voices in your head and instead, tell yourself you are capable.

If we start to make these changes within ourselves, we begin to notice that we feel stronger, more capable – and the people we interact with will see it, too. And perhaps, we may even start to succeed in life a bit more than we used to.