4 of the best careers for creative people

Creativity as a career isn’t always embraced in the business world, which is why the exponential increase in creative job offerings has been so invigorating over the last few years.

As the midwest continues to adapt and try to understand the value of creatives, the coasts have embraced – and even come to rely on – their creative communities. In fact, it is often artists and design-oriented people who successfully lead companies into new endeavors.

As the pandemic progresses, the amount of creative positions going up online seem to outnumber all other types of jobs, making this the perfect time to pursue more poetic passions. 

So what types of jobs can help keep a creative mind inspired, productive, and operating at a high capacity? Check out some of the most lucrative options below, and consider throwing your hat into the ring for one of these prized positions.

Creative Director

A Creative Director is pretty much the pinnacle position for a creative mind, as it utilizes a myriad of different artistic talents. This person is normally the lead for a team of designers, artists, writers, and other creative professionals to work on specific projects related to the company. They are the point person for individual projects, often keeping lines of communication open between departments and helping to streamline and guide the process, whether it be a new ad campaign, digital designs for a product or launch, new website build, or other creative endeavor. 

Since so many people are visual learners, you are often responsible – and held accountable – for initial brand impressions on the public. Your views and ideas lead campaigns, and often your feedback is crucial to making your brand or company the sleekest, most professional on the market.

Check out this open position for an Associate Creative Director with The Integer Group LLC, or this one with Brilliant.

Technical Writer

The industry possibilities for technical writers are absolutely endless. Most companies have the need for a writer at this capacity — and no, it isn’t just relegated to corporations that exist in the tech or medical space. The term “technical” can feel daunting to any true creative type, but the fact of the matter is that many technical writers end up writing a variety of different types of work, including brand copy, product descriptions, white papers, proposals, and more.

Our favorite aspect of a technical writer position, in fact, is that it is much more straightforward than a position as a creative writer, but keeps you on your toes by shifting the types of writing you are assigned around one particular topic. 

Competitive openings are currently available at L3Harris, CAE Inc, and Raytheon Co.

Social Media Manager

It can be pretty easy to poke fun at people in social media marketing if you know nothing about it, if not only because it is normally a job associated with millennials and Gen Z’s who spend too much time on their phones. But the reality of it is that social media managers have to have a mind that can handle content and campaign conception, an affinity for current events, and an ability to tell a story.

Staying up-to-date on trends, regardless of your industry, and keeping track of algorithmic changes are some of the more technical aspects of the position, but often the look and feel of a brand rely on their social media presence. A brand with a killer social media campaign can grip millions of people at once, so having someone that knows the ins and outs of SEO, clickbait topics and blog titles, and so much more is like having the perfect Swiss Knife on your person at all times.

Try your hand at one of these open positions with Cradlepoint Technology, Vital Proteins, Mission North, and FanDuel.


Need we truly say more? “Designer” basically implicates some of the most creative people you know. Your keen eye and ability to create visual assets makes you the cream of the crop. Polish off your resume for these positions at Mejuri, Ralph Lauren, and Tally Technologies.

Before diving into your job applications, be sure you can answer these 11 career-defining questions for creatives so you can increase your chances of success with your new venture!