4 future-proof jobs that are hiring now

With the drastically changing workforce landscape – especially in the last few months, however temporary it may seem – the idea of a “future-proof” job is even more of a tantalizing subject. Being able to feel secure in your job is such an integral factor in providing for yourself and any dependents (or fur friends) you may have. Though we don’t have a glass orb to see into the future, we found some pretty in-demand positions that are looking for new talent. They also happen to have our “future-proof” stamp of approval.

1. Cybersecurity Expert

Cyber attacks of all sizes are happening all around you, averaging about one every 39 seconds. This is a major concern for large corporations like Target and Amazon, who have both experienced hacks to their systems, in turn compromising data from millions of customers. But the sad truth is that almost half of major cyber attacks are focused on small businesses, who historically don’t have the resources to build up their digital defense. During a time when small businesses and local mom and pop shops are experiencing so much struggle, cybersecurity should be the last thing on their minds.

A trend we have noticed is companies rapidly hiring for cybersecurity support across the board, realizing that the damage caused to other companies around them is exponentially worse than hiring experts to set up your defenses.

This job is on the up and up entirely, and we have positions open for these roles at these companies:

2. Graphic Designer

As a creative endeavor that so many people have picked up in recent years, you would think that graphic design may be an oversaturated industry. While there are many artists emerging, ready to get their work seen by the masses, the demand seems to be growing exponentially faster than their ability to accommodate. What a refreshing idea, that an art-based position is so necessary in the workforce right now.

Many graphic designers balance their art minds with their conceptual and spatial minds, which makes this a niche and beautiful position to have experience in. Your skillset could get you hired with a large corporation, a small business, an entrepreneur or a network of startups. And with mankind being increasingly visually-driven, there won’t be a shortage of job openings for this career path anytime soon.

Check out these graphic design openings at these companies:

3. Human Resources

No matter the size of the company, one of the areas we have been seeing prioritized in job listings lately is the human resources department. The culture of your business hinges on the success and intuition of your human resources representatives. Tasked with knowing your audience, your ideal team dynamics, and your expectations across the board, these are the people who help to build your team and pivot you to success. Of course, businesses are spending what they can – and allocating quite the budget – to ensure that they have a leg up in their industry with the best of the best.

All human resources experts looking to advance their career should check out our current listings at these companies:

4. Data Scientist

As controversial as it is in some circles, data mining has been used through our individual technology for decades and will continue to be. Businesses that are trying to sell a product get analytics on their audience, social media collects numbers on followers and their activity, and more and more information is being fed to us that aligns with our interests because of data we provided when we weren’t paying attention.

Because of various benefits that data mining and analysis can provide pretty much every organization, business, and corporation, there has been an increased interest in people trained in analytics on job boards. Though some companies opt to hire out focus groups intermittently or have a vendor help them gather data once or twice a year, many are beginning to bring data scientists in-house, to constantly monitor their information and cater it to their growing fanbase or audience.

If you are science-minded and good with numbers and projections, you’re in the right place. We recently listed these Data Scientist positions with these companies:

We wish you the best in your job search!