The 10 companies with the best work-life balance (and how to get hired there)

If you’re averse to burn-out and a healthy work-life balance is paramount to your success at work then check out’s list for highest rated companies concerning Work-Life Balance in 2020. Comparably found this unbiased comprehensive list after asking a variety of questions regarding paid time off, sick days, and overtime compensation. On average 83% of employees were satisfied with their company’s approach to work-life balance, ensuring their team does not suffer the complications that arise from on-site burnout.

I’ve also enlisted anonymous reviews from employees on Glassdoor to back up the aforementioned statistics concerning the companies that provide the best operations preventing large-scale burnout and turnover.

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1. CVS Health

CVS Health has some very happy team members. A current employee via Glassdoor review says CVS has “Flexible shifts, nice locations, and easy shifts!”

They have also been on the forefront for companies responding mindfully towards folks dealing with the fallout related to COVID-19. CVS offers free flu shots and all-encompassing medicare plans making healthcare easy and affordable for those who may have lost coverage this year.

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2. Imprivata

“Flexibility to work from home as needed, vacation time when you need it and great benefits, along with everything I mentioned above make this a great place to work!”

This review from a current team member highlights what this security software company that is used by hospitals and private healthcare providers and doctors for at-home check-ups does best!

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3. Frontier Communications

This communications company specializes in affordable options for at-home internet and phone services to keep you and your colleagues connected in a digital world.

This employee tells us their favorite part about working for Frontier.

“Not demanding work. Shift flexibility. Utilized my experience and exposed me to new things. It really felt like I took a couple of years off. The team was great and the work environment was relaxed.”

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4. Walmart

Walmart offers any item a consumer needs under the sun! Working here has several benefits for those juggling work-life balance such as:

  • Great pay
  • Flexible shifts and hours
  • Holidays off
  • Clear career path

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5. TaxJar

TaxJar has topped several of Comparably’s Best of Lists for employee rated happiness and best benefits and perks offered!

Let’s see what this employee has to add about how they make it easy for employees to avoid burning out at the end of the day.

  • 100% remote so work-life balance is great.
  • Freedom to work where and how you like.
  • Ongoing support from leadership without being micromanaged.
  • Strong organization and communication.

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6. Target

Target is another big box company providing excellent service in the way of work-life balance.

This review provides a list of the things Target does best for its hard-working employees:

  • Great flexibility
  • Good company culture
  • A friendly and uplifting environment
  • Overtime and holiday pay is substantial

As far as retail positions go they tend to honor giving team members paid time off and flexibility in scheduling to preserve their wellbeing.

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7. Smartsheet

Smartsheet comes in at number 7 on this list. This company prides itself on aiding your company in more effectively managing your team’s work, projects, and processes in a uniform online interface. This employee also highly recommends working here for the following reasons.

“Amazing work/life balance. I can count the number of times I’ve had to work late on my hands, and it’s usually because I’m invested in a project!”

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8. Whole Foods Market

If you’re looking for full or part-time work with great benefits and flexibility look no further.

Whole Foods Market is currently experiencing a hiring surge and this review might urge you to apply here.

“Willing to work around your schedule, competitive pay for this kind of work, paid time off even for part-time employees.”

They even offer a great discount on healthy organic foods for you and your family!

9. ePlus Inc

This company’s mission statement is as follows:

“With the highest certifications from top technology partners and expertise in key technologies from data center to security, cloud, and collaboration, ePlus transforms IT from a cost center to a business enabler.”

If you’re an IT engineer looking to hone your skills on a team that honors your well being and time spent with loved ones then I would look into open positions offered here.

One of their new hires had this glowing review posted recently on Glassdoor.

“Some of the very best externally facing engineers I have been around. Very good work-life balance for engineers. Most of the time you get to work from home once you are established. Very flexible. Willing to work to find the right place for you. Encourage and reward continuous professional development.”

10. Drift

Drift emphasizes the importance of humanizing marketing and business strategies by creating a communication platform where the customer is always right and has easy access to communicate with big businesses directly without being directed to a robot or someone’s voicemail.

This approach has helped increase revenue for over 50,000 companies with conversational sales and marketing techniques.

Much like they don’t treat clients like another number they keep the same energy and respect for their employees with paid time off and a paid sabbatical after only 3 years with the company. Don’t believe me? You might consider joining the team here after hearing what this employee has to say about working for Drift.

“Thank you to Drift and the team for making sure we as employees, our mental health, our families, and our customers are taken care of and truly matter.”

If you’re looking for a great work-life balance, these are the places to find it. We wish you well in your job search.