The 10 companies with the best benefits and perks (and how to get hired there)

If your goal this year was finding a career with substantial perks and incredible benefits then look no further! The career site Comparably released a best-of list for 2020 that provides a comprehensive breakdown of the companies who value their workers long hours through providing fantastic compensation as well as team-building outings such as a ski trip to the mountains!

I crowdsourced anonymous reviews from real employees on Glassdoor explaining in detail the benefits that keep them happy and willing to be a productive member of their respective teams. These reviews coupled with Comprably’s extensive polling asking employees these 3 important questions will be your best aid in discovering your next best career move.

  • Are you satisfied with your benefits?
  • How would you rate the perks your office provides?
  • Do your benefits play a part in you staying at the company?”

Let’s take a look at what this extensive research revealed to be the top 10 companies you should apply in order to fully enjoy these competitive benefits packages.

1. Google

Google makes global information accessible to all in a few taps on your preferred device. We’ve all counted on Google to answer even the most ridiculous of queries and the answer to looking into a career with this behemoth of the tech industry should be a resounding yes! Here’s why according to a glowing account from a current employee.

“The perks are amazing. Yes, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner every weekday. Aaaaaamazing holiday parties (at Waldorf Astoria, NY Public Library, MoMA, etc.); overnight ski trips to Vermont; overnight nature trips to the Poconos in the summer; summer picnics at Chelsea piers; and on and on and on. I don’t see this going away unless the company starts hurting financially.”

The starting salary is almost always over 100 thousand a year and internships pay around 8 thousand dollars a month!

If these perks and benefits sound good to you then check out the listings available to join this dynamic team on Ladders’ website.

2. Facebook

Facebook has been a way to connect with friends, loved ones, and colleagues for over 10 years now. Working on their team also yields great benefits from this personal review outlining each perk specifically.

  • Incredible benefits
  • Excellent compensation that rewards strong performance
  • Lots of autonomy
  • Tons of room for growth
  • Very transparent from the top down
  • Strong leadership
  • Intelligent and caring colleagues
  • The fairest and well thought out review process you will find everywhere
  • Exciting work

These 9 benefits are all great reasons to look into a career here on our site.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft has come a long way from Windows. Always on the cutting edge of technological advances, you too can advance your career in a big way. Here’s what an associate has to say.

“What was GREAT benefits are now VERY GOOD (took a small step down) but still probably better than you’ll find at 99% of large corporations. If you’ve got family – the value of the benefits is even higher. The 401k match is nice.”

If you’re family-centric and a good retirement plan is important to you to provide for your loved ones then this is a great career move. Check out Ladders’ listings here.

4. Amazon

We all get a skip in our step when our Amazon packages finally arrive on our doorstep. Turns out working for this company has substantial benefits packages as well. One employee tells all in this review of Jeff Bezos’ brainchild.

“Really smart people, a lot of opportunity for growth, always encouraged to be innovative, think big, and create something new. Competitive salary and benefits with other major tech companies. 100% self-motivating work environment. No dress code and 4 legged friends are welcome.”

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5. TaxJar

Also rated as one of the top companies for employee rated happiness, TaxJar has great perks and benefits that keep their team satisfied.

They were already on the ground running with remote offices, a booming industry this year, and this employee at the company known for making calculating sales tax easier on big businesses has the following to add.

“The talent at this company is incredible. Passion and drive is a must for employees here. I loved the trial period- they let me work around my full-time gig and it allowed me to see the role, department, company, my coach, etc. The perks and benefits are amazing, as well, but the future of this company and where we’re going is exciting!”

The starting salary at this work remote career is around 76,000 thousand a year! Check out more available positions at Ladders.

6. RingCentral

RingCentral is Zooms’ biggest competitor in streamlining business communications in a digital landscape. The benefits are also competitive according to this employee.

“The product-incredible, the people- my peers, the benefits- wow, the managers and their manager-always fighting for us, the potential for growth and career advancement- fantastic!”

If you’d like to get involved in the lucrative ever-growing digitized platform for streamlining global communications look no further!

Check out available job listings and compensation packages here.

7. UiPath

If robotics is your passion then consider a career path with UiPath. Known for groundbreaking developments aiding companies in outsourcing busy-work to our binary-coded buddies, joining this team of developers, while challenging, has its perks. Here is where they shine according to a current team member.

  • If you’re in a customer-facing role, get ready to talk to C-suite, board members and executives about robotic process automation.
  • Revenue growth has stayed strong and even grown through COVID-19.
  • Compensation is pretty top-notch, along with perks.

You can find more perks and compensation packages on Ladders’ website here.

8. Apple

Apple offers a wide range of career opportunities no matter what your skill set or on the job prerequisites entail. A great starter tech company for college students to hone their skills this is what employees at Apple said about the job.

“The community and benefits of this job are incredible, and the benefits are amazing even for a part-timer.”

Having a wide-reaching health coverage plan in your early 20’s is great! Check out what job listings are available now.

9. Workfront

Workfront specializes in SAS automation software to streamline business connections between executives and employees facilitating new opportunities for growth! Here’s what those employees reveal about the best parts of working for Workfront.

“Great culture and team-oriented environment. Good benefits and perks. Very flexible schedule. Overall fantastic company to work for!!”

See where you can fit in at the ever-evolving future at this company here.

10. Capital One

If you’re in finance and want a fantastic work remote opportunity for growth definitely check out the perks Capital One offers its employees.

“Work from home capability, a lot of internal mobility, and great benefits!”

According to their mission statement: “Capital One is where professional achievement meets personal satisfaction. Here, every day is another chance to do meaningful work and disrupt an entire industry in positive ways—while getting the opportunities, support and benefits you need.”

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Good luck with your job search — we hope you find the perfect match.