21 email alternatives to ‘…in these unprecedented times’

Communication is the foundation of relationships, and the words we use can either inspire or be ignored. If we are not careful, we can overuse certain words or phrases that diminish their meaning.

For instance, the phrase “in these unprecedented times” has been and continues to be used much more than it should.

While these are unprecedented times, the reality of the phrase has lost its meaning over time. Not only do we not feel the gravity of the words anymore, but they can even become obnoxious.

As you know, it’s not what you say but how you say it. Depending on how you write your email, it can be interpreted differently with just a few different word choices. A repetitive, negative subject line can start your email on the wrong foot. 

Being deliberate about your next email’s word choice and language said in your next email can make a huge difference in getting your point across.

With unprecedented times comes the overuse of the word unprecedented in general. In fact, headlines continue to use this word in every conceivable combination:

  • COVID-19 has brought this unprecedented crisis to the world…”
  • Unprecedented stimulus packages to go out next week…”
  • “Major US cities seeing an unprecedented dip in rents…”
  • “Arizona real estate seeing unprecedented spike…”

I could go on and on.

21 email alternatives to “…in these unprecedented times”

To avoid alienating or rubbing your intended email audience the wrong way, use one of these alternatives to the overused unprecedented phrase.

  1. Unparalleled
  2. Extraordinary
  3. Unrivaled
  4. Unmatched
  5. Remarkable
  6. Challenging
  7. Turbulent
  8. Trying
  9. Troubled
  10. Taxing
  11. Stressful
  12. Disturbing
  13. Abnormal
  14. Prodigious
  15. Striking
  16. Unequaled
  17. Atypical
  18. Freakish
  19. Novel
  20. One of a kind
  21. Difficult

Most of these words can be substituted in where you may be tempted to use the word unprecedented.

Creating catchy subject lines that cause the reader to actually open them is the primary goal of any sender. Use one of these alternatives to draw your reader in to know more about your message’s content.

Other overused words during these unprecedented times

Here are a few other overused words and phrases you may want to consider finding an alternative for:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Super-spreader event
  3. Contact tracing
  4. Essential workers
  5. Flatten the curve
  6. Frontline workers
  7. P.P.E.
  8. Remote learning
  9. Abundance of caution
  10. Pivot
  11. Covid fatigue
  12. The new normal

One of the more notable word combinations is the use of “essential workers.” Those who do not fall into the government-mandated essential worker category can feel alienated and unappreciated. The truth is, everyone is essential in one way or another. 

Be conscious of your word choices and be sure they are positive in nature to make everyone feel included and appreciated.