10 great companies for working dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner and though you probably still haven’t bought a gift for the paternal figure in your life what we can do is identify some of the best companies (and a few that are even hiring on Ladders) that make it easier for fathers to be, well, fathers.

Whether it be paternal leave policies, work hour flexibility or just free tickets to sports games here are some of the best companies for working fathers.

1. American Express

Last January AmEx invoked their new paternity leave policy which offers employees a paid 20-week leave for all new parents. This applies to adoptive, foster, surrogate, and LGBTQ parents as well.

2. Netflix

Unlimited parental leave plus six weeks of paid vacation? Plus so many good shows.

3. Google

On top of its already numerous perks Google has four child-care centers near its Mountain View, California campus. Plus parents planning to take an equal or primary role in their child’s first year get 12 weeks of leave as well as $500 cash for “baby bonding.”

4. Trader Joe’s

The food chain is a big champion of workplace flexibility.

5. SAS

For employees with college-age children, they have access to a scholarship program through the company and children of employees can attend camp on-site at the company’s headquarters. Plus SAS offers a health-care center and a recreation and fitness facility for employees and their families. And don’t forget about the family camp out!

6. Southwest Airlines

OK so it has been a rough spring for the company but all employees of this airline have free unlimited travel privileges for themselves and eligible dependents! Family trip anyone?

7. Discovery

Discover has an on-site wellness center and daycare facility to help out its employees.

8. Airbnb

Another great travel perk for dads, Airbnb offers its employees $2,000 per year to travel anywhere in the world!

9. Bank of America

The financial institution offers 16 weeks of paid time off to new dads to be taken whenever they want within 12 months after the baby arrives.

10. Bloomberg

If Bloomberg new dads are the primary caregiver, then they can take 18 weeks of paid time off; and if he’s the secondary caregiver, he gets four weeks. This also applies to adoption and foster care.