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Today's Top Stories September 20, 2017

The Future of work

Apple posts job teaching Siri to listen to users’ troubles

Apple is hiring a trainer to teach its artificially-intelligent voice interface, Siri, to have "serious conversations." Would you trust it?


Here’s how to get a raise despite a tough economy

Even though job growth is expanding, you probably won’t land a big salary increase in the form of a raise or bonus next year unless you're a star employee. Here's how to improve your odds.

Science of Work

The ‘Samson effect’ is real: Men look more successful with hair, study finds

Like the Biblical Samson, who lost his power after his hair was cut off by Delilah — hair makes the man, a recent survey of U.S. men's hair habits found.

Office Life

The man behind @NYCFoodFomo on the importance of having a hobby

Ladders sat down with the man behind the popular Instagram account @NYCFoodFomo at The Tang in New York and discussed the ins and outs of running an Instagram account as well as the importance of having a hobby.


5 ways to transition into a new career

While career changes are not for the faint of heart, the benefits of moving into something that will be a better long-term fit for you are priceless.

Office Life

Don’t gloat: The flip side of schadenfreude

So instead of planning a party after a loathsome coworker fails, here are some ways to try to turn it into a learning experience instead of schadenfreude.


City of Austin’s SXSW coordinator in trouble for refusing to meet with female coworkers alone

“I’ve been told it is not appropriate for a married man to have lunch with a single lady," the SXSW coordinator said, according to reports.

Words at Work

10 passive-aggressive work phrases and what they really mean

When it comes to corporate-speak, everything isn't always as it appears.


How to keep work from ruining your life

In our ever-connected world, the good thing is you can work from anywhere. The bad thing is you can work from anywhere.


Why you should hit pause more often

Taking a pause can do wonders for your productivity and personal satisfaction. Here's why and how.

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