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Eerily smart new robots can read human body language

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Today's Top Stories July 28, 2017


Anthony Scaramucci demonstrates the wrong ways to handle conflict with your co-workers

Don't cc: the FBI.


Say hi to the 6 most powerful robot overlords that exist today

Get to know your new bosses.

office life

8 stupid workplace rules that make everyone miserable

Ridiculous requirements for attendance.

levelling up

4 interview skills that will help you land your dream job

Positive thinking isn't enough.


Billionaire success secrets of Bill Gates, the richest man in the world

This is how to become great.


New study shows what our bosses are not giving us at work

Everybody wants this.

Future of Work

2 million job candidates are desperate to work for Google. Why?

How one company became among the most desired.


New study proves people (and computers) can guess a person’s name by looking at his face

Dan? You look like every other Dan!

the whole human

13 body language blunders that make you look bad

You could be sabotaging your career.

the whole human

These professions have the most psychopaths

They like jobs where they can make objective decisions divorced from feelings.

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