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Eerily smart new robots can read human body language

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Today's Top Stories July 28, 2017

The Future of Work

Could your next doctor’s appointment be mediated by a robot ethicist?

Experts estimate that as many as half of all jobs are vulnerable to automation. Here's a new set of jobs in the path of the robot invasion.

Office Life

Would you let your boss put a microchip in your hand?

We asked people in New York City's Times Square just how far they'd go for easy access to office potato chips. Their answers were surprising.


4 secrets to reading body language like an expert

In five minutes you can often evaluate people with 70% accuracy.

Office Life

New study: This is the one email mistake that’s unforgivable (don’t let !t happen to you)

Memes, emojis, and attachment fails: These are the critical mistakes that we won't forgive in work emails.


Why smart people don’t multitask

It kills your performance and may even damage your brain.


Your face can reveal if you’re rich or poor, study finds

It all comes down to your expression lines.


Anthony Scaramucci demonstrates the wrong ways to handle conflict with your co-workers

Don't cc: the FBI.


Say hi to the 6 most powerful robot overlords that exist today

Get to know your new bosses.

office life

8 stupid workplace rules that make everyone miserable

Ridiculous requirements for attendance.

levelling up

4 interview skills that will help you land your dream job

Positive thinking isn't enough.

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