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Today's Top Stories September 19, 2017


5 ways to transition into a new career

While career changes are not for the faint of heart, the benefits of moving into something that will be a better long-term fit for you are priceless.

Office Life

Don’t gloat: The flip side of schadenfreude

So instead of planning a party after a loathsome coworker fails, here are some ways to try to turn it into a learning experience instead of schadenfreude.


SXSW boss in trouble for refusing to meet with female coworkers alone

“I’ve been told it is not appropriate for a married man to have lunch with a single lady," the SXSW boss said, according to reports.

Words at Work

10 passive-aggressive work phrases and what they really mean

When it comes to corporate-speak, everything isn't always as it appears.


How to keep work from ruining your life

In our ever-connected world, the good thing is you can work from anywhere. The bad thing is you can work from anywhere.


Why you should hit pause more often

Taking a pause can do wonders for your productivity and personal satisfaction. Here's why and how.


6 job perks that actually inspire employee happiness

For most employees, the largest contributor to their sense of contentment at the office is tied to small, yet significant values the company upholds.

Gender at Work

Does your company know if it has a gender pay gap?

Companies are not explicitly out to discriminate against employees. Here's how they can find and fix any disparities.

Office Life

5 things you should never say when asking for a raise

Asking for a raise is always tough. It will be even tougher if you make any of these five common mistakes. Here's how to avoid them.

Office Life

How not to feel left out and alone at work

When you start a new job, it's natural to feel left out of the workplace camaraderie, especially as you try to break into the "office tribes." FOMO is real.

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