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Today's Top Stories July 24, 2017


Corporate cyborgs are already working at this company

The era of the corporate cyborg has begun.


More than half of US men think the gender gap is solved, poll finds

The two genders are miles away at work.

levelling up

These 9 books will help you succeed in marketing

They are a mix of the famous, the bold, the profound, and the tactical.  


4 ways to resist distraction and focus at work

Your brain is lazy. Here's what you can do about it.


Multitasking is bad for you—unless you do it this way

The one trick that may change your workday forever.


Your office complaints on Glassdoor aren’t anonymous, new case shows

You're not as protected as you think.

The Whole Human

Smart weekend rituals to make your workweek less anxious

It's so easy to improve the week ahead.


7 signs Sean Spicer missed his declining influence. Are you doing the same?

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Office Life

One-third of people believe they could do a better job than the boss (but they probably can’t)

But they probably can't.


These are the workout routines of healthy billionaires

Jeff Bezos, Martha Stewart and Mark Zuckerberg all find time to work out. You can too.

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