French bus drivers wear skirts to protest prohibition on shorts

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Today's Top Stories June 29, 2017


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8 things ridiculously successful people do before 8 a.m.

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Off Hours

The surprising things Americans do when they get home from work

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Gender at Work

This is why women and men can’t negotiate salary the same way

Women have to be careful what they DON'T say.

Office Life

Four important ways to chill out after a tough day

A clear mind is stress-free.

The Job Search

5 secret signals that your interviewer likes you

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10 ways you can stop screwing up your kids

Happier kids are more likely to turn into successful, accomplished adults.


7 brilliant ways to set goals for yourself, from a man who wrote 400 adult novels

This is how you set goals — and meet them.


Business travelers, rejoice: You can stretch out in your own row on this airline

Welcome to airline sprawl. Ain't it grand?

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