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Sanofi Jobs and Salary Info

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Sanofi is a global pharmaceutical company that specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of prescription drugs and vaccines. The company operates in over 170 countries and has a diverse portfolio of products that includes treatments for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and rare diseases. Sanofi is committed to improving global health and has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. The company has received numerous awards for its research and development efforts and is recognized as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the highest paying jobs at Sanofi?

Highest paying job titles at Sanofi include Senior Scientist, Regulatory Affairs Manager, and Medical Director


Market Cap$121.6 billion
Revenue$37.3 billion
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+2.5%
Net Income$12.3 billion
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Total value of jobs:
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Top Experts at Sanofi

Sanofi Compensation

Senior Scientist



Average Compensation:$116,553

Regulatory Affairs Manager



Average Compensation:$157,156

Medical Director



Average Compensation:$188,386

Corporate Account Manager



Average Compensation:$117,448

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