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Russell Investments is a global asset management firm, founded in 1936. It provides multi-asset investing solutions to institutional investors, as well as to individuals via financial advisors. The company is owned by private equity firms TA Associates and Reverence Capital Partners. Russell provides financial and investment services to institutional clients such as pension funds, non-profits, healthcare systems and defined contribution plans. Individual investors can access these services through one of Russells 580 partners, such as banks, brokers and insurance companies. Russell U.S. Indexes have $4.1 trillion in assets benchmarked to them, including more than $80 billion in ETF assets that are linked to Russell’s Indexes. Russell launched its family of U.S. indexes in 1984 to measure the U.S. market segments. The resulting methodology produced the broad market Russell 3000 Index and the small-cap Russell 2000 Index. The Russell Global Index, introduced in 2007, captures 98% of the global equity market and reflects the performance of more than 10,000 stocks worldwide. As of June 30, 2008, Russells U.S. indexes have US$4.0 trillion in assets benchmarked to them and account for 63.3 percent of U.S. equity products benchmarked by U.S. institutional investors. Russell/Nomura equity indexes (calculated with Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.) offer broad market or style benchmarks for investors in Japan.[citation needed]
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