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OpenGov is a Silicon-Valley technology company that offers a web-based financial visualization software for state and local governments. The company focuses on making government budget and financial data accessible by modeling and presenting it in a user-friendly and interactive manner. OpenGov was founded in 2012 by Zachary Bookman, Nate Levine, Dakin Sloss, Mike Rosengarten and Joe Lonsdale. The companys founders and several advisors met while working with California Common Sense, a non-profit non-partisan organization, which advocates open data and open government principles. Until 2013, the company was known as Delphi Solutions. OpenGovs main product is an Advanced Financial Reporting engine that displays an individual governments annual financial data, including its revenues and expenditures by fund, department, and type of account. Governments can also subscribe for Quarterly and Current Year-To-Date Reporting, use the same platform to display quarterly and monthly data, respectively, with added features such as budget variance. Users can view the data in a variety of interactive graphs and tables, as well as download or share the data through email or social media.


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