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Mueller Water Products, Inc. (MWP) is a publicly traded company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fire hydrants, pipe fittings and valves in North America. MWP is made up of two business units—Mueller Co. and Anvil International—that oversee 15 brands and subsidiaries including Echologics and Mueller Systems. Mueller Water Products was incorporated as a standalone business on September 22, 2005, but the company traces the history of its business units, subsidiaries and brands back as far as 1850, when Frederick Grinnell purchased a controlling stake in Providence Steam and Gas Pipe, Co., the forerunner to Anvil International. In 1857, the forerunner to Mueller Co. and Mueller Systems was founded by Hieronymus Mueller in Decatur, Illinois. Providence Steam and Gas Pipe became General Fire Extinguisher Co. in 1892 after merging with several sprinkler manufacturers, and was later renamed Grinnell Co. in 1919, after the companys president, Frederick Grinnell. In 1899, 12 companies incorporated as United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company, which would later be known as U.S. Pipe after dropping "cast iron" from the company name in 1929. Grinnell Co. became known as Anvil International in 2000. Jim Walter Corporation acquired U.S. Pipe in 1969, and in 2005, it acquired Mueller Co. and Anvil International. The three businesses were combined to form Mueller Water Products. The combined entity was then spun off as the publicly held Mueller Water Products, Inc. in 2006, moving its headquarters from the companys birthplace of Decatur, Illinois, to Atlanta, Georgia. Initially, MWP operated with three business units—Mueller Co., Anvil International, and U.S. Pipe. However, in 2012 MWP divested U.S. Pipe to Wynnchurch Capital, Ltd., retaining only the valve and hydrant division, which now operates under the Mueller Co. business unit.