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Algolia is a U.S. startup company offering a web search product through a SaaS (software as a service) model. Algolia was founded in 2012 by Nicholas Dessainge and Julien Lemoine, whom are originally from Paris, France. It was originally a company focused on offline search on mobile phones. Later it was selected to be part of Y Combinators Winter 2014 class. Starting with two data centres in Europe and the US, Algolia opened a third centre in Singapore in March 2014, and has now expanded to 47 locations across 15 worldwide regions. It serves over 1,600 customers, handling 12 billion user queries per month. Those customers are among [e-commerce], medium and other fields, including DC Shoes, Medium and vevo. In May 2015, Algolia received 18.3 million dollars in a series A investment from a financial group led by Accel Partners. Since June 2016, the usage of Algolia by small websites is increasing profoundly.