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DocuSign is a San Francisco- and Seattle-based company that provides electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents. DocuSign’s features include authentication services, user identity management and workflow automation. Signatures processed by DocuSign are comparable to traditional signatures based on the products compliance with the ESIGN Act as well as the European Union’s Directive 1999/93/EC on electronic signatures. The company has raised $443 million in financing since its founding in 2003. Tom Gonser founded DocuSign in 2003 after leaving NetUpdate, a company he founded in 1998 and ran as CEO until his departure. NetUpdate acquired several companies, including an early-stage e-signature start-up in Seattle called DocuTouch, founded by Mir Hajmiragha. DocuTouch held patents on Web-based digital signatures and collaboration, but had no material revenue. Upon leaving NetUpdate, Gonser negotiated the purchase of certain DocuTouch assets and started DocuSign. He tapped Eric Ranft as CTO and VP of engineering and Court Lorenzini as CEO.

Highest paying job titles at DocuSign include Account Executive, Software Engineer, and Customer Success Manager


Market Cap$13 billion
Revenue$701 million
Net Income-$426.8 million
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Account Executive



Average Salary:$137,895

Software Engineer



Average Salary:$147,778

Customer Success Manager



Average Salary:$129,688

Senior Software Engineer



Average Salary:$172,500

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