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AptarGroup, Inc., also known as Aptar, is a United States-based global manufacturer of consumer dispensing packaging and drug delivery devices. The group has manufacturing operations in 18 countries. The company began as Werner Die & Stamping in Cary, Illinois, in 1946 and later incorporated as AptarGroup in 1992. Aptar originally developed spray valves and pumps for consumer and household products. The company also later began producing nasal administration and pulmonary drug delivery devices such as nasal spray systems and metered-dose inhaler valves. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies use Aptar's different Unidose and Bidose devices for the single or two-shot intranasal delivery of different medicines. In 2012, Aptar acquired Stelmi, a manufacturer of elastomer primary packaging components. In 2016, Aptar announced that it provided the delivery system for Adapt Pharma's Narcan. Narcan is a naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray used as an emergency treatment for opioid overdoses. Aptar's liquid spray drug delivery technology platform works as a ready-to-use, single-shot, unit-dose system for Narcan. It was the first FDA approved nasally administered, ready-to-use medication used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Narcan does not require any assembly, medical training, or needle injection. Later in 2016, Aptar acquired Mega Airless, a manufacturer of airless packaging solutions. The company also entered into an agreement with Becton Dickinson & Company to develop new self-injection devices. Aptar entered into an agreement in 2016 with Propeller Health Partners to develop a digitally connected medication inhaler. The company made an investment in Propeller Health Partners in 2018. The same year, Aptar acquired CSP Technologies, a material science company that manufactures active packaging solutions. In July 2019, the FDA approved Aptar Pharma's Unidose Powder System as the first intranasally-delivered, needle-free rescue treatment for severe hypoglycemia. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Aptar invested in new tools to accelerate its molding equipment and assembly machines for pumps, but it still wasn't enough to keep up with demand. Aptar was named to Barron's list of 2019's Top 100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies.


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