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Amgen Inc. is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. One of the world's largest independent biotechnology companies, Amgen was established in Thousand Oaks, California, in 1980. Amgen's Thousand Oaks staff in 2017 numbered 5,125 and included hundreds of scientists, making Amgen the largest employer in Ventura County. Focused on molecular biology and biochemistry, its goal is to provide a healthcare business based on recombinant DNA technology.

In 2018, the company's largest selling product lines were Neulasta, an immunostimulator used to prevent infections in patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy and Enbrel, a tumor necrosis factor blocker used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Other products include Epogen, Aranesp, Sensipar/Mimpara, Nplate, Vectibix, Prolia and XGEVA. Amgen sponsors the Tour of California.

Highest paying job titles at Amgen Inc include Sales Representative, Process Development Scientist, and Scientist


Market Cap$139.2 billion
Revenue$25.4 billion
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+3.3%
Net Income$7.2 billion
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Top Experts at Amgen Inc

Amgen Inc Compensation

Sales Representative



Average Compensation:$122,791

Process Development Scientist



Average Compensation:$90,000




Average Compensation:$109,286

Regulatory Affairs Manager



Average Compensation:$87,143

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