Your smartphone addiction could increase your odds of obesity so chew on that

Better pay attention to that “hours used” function on your iPhone.

University students who used their smartphones five or more hours a day had a 43% increased risk of obesity and were more likely to have other lifestyle habits that increase the risk of heart disease, according to a recent study from the American College of Cardiology.

“Spending too much time in front of the smartphone facilitates sedentary behaviors, and reduces the time of physical activity, which increases the risk of premature death, diabetes, heart disease, different types of cancer, osteoarticular discomfort and musculoskeletal symptoms,”said Mirary Mantilla-Morrón, a cardiac pulmonary and vascular rehabilitation specialist at the Health Sciences Faculty at the Simón Bolívar University in Barranquilla, Colombia, and the lead author of the study.

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For the study, researchers analyzed 1060 students at the Simón Bolívar University. Participating men were 36.1% likely to be overweight and 42.6% likely to be obese. Women were 63.9% likely to be overweight and 57.4% likely to be obese.

The findings

Researchers found the risk of obesity increased by 43% if a smartphone was used five or more hours a day, as participating students were twice as likely to drink more sugary drinks, fast food, and unhealthy snacks and done less physical activity.

26% of the subjects who were overweight and 4.6% who were obese spent more than five hours using their device.

“The results of this study allow us to highlight one of the main causes of physical obesity, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease,” Mantilla-Morrón said.