Your phone might be the key to finding your dream job

Your phone might be the key to finding your dream job.

Your smartphone can do it all.

From making phone calls and checking emails to recording videos and reading the news, there are endless uses for your phone. And just when you thought your smartphone could do it all, there’s actually another practical use for your smartphone: Finding a job.

According to MedReps’ 2014 Mobile and Social Medical Sales Job Search report, 90 percent of medical sales professionals use their mobile devices as an essential tool in their job search. Not only are they using their smartphones to network with recruiters, but they’re also using them to search and apply for jobs.

Do you want to learn how to utilize your smartphone to find your dream job? Here are five ways you can use your mobile device to advance your career:

1. Download mobile job-search apps.

Downloading mobile job-search apps can step up your game as a tech-savvy job seeker. The MedReps’ report found that 49 percent of respondents use their smartphone to search for jobs on mobile apps, and 29 percent use mobile apps to apply for jobs.

Whether you use an iPhone, Android, or tablet, there are a number of job-search apps to consider downloading. You can begin with Ladders’ app, designed specifically for job referrals (which increase your chances of landing a job by 10 percent).

2. Create alerts for job postings.

Paranoid you’ll overlook your dream job’s listing? Never fear. With your smartphone, you can create mobile alerts to stay up to speed on job postings in your industry.

According to the MedReps report, 71 percent of respondents use their smartphone to open job-alert emails, while 17 percent receive job alerts via text.

3. Network with employers on social media.

Your smartphone is necessary to keep in close contact with recruiters and employers around the clock.

Download social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to connect with employers. This way, you can engage in conversations with employers online, and build a network of recruiters so you are never without career options, no matter where life takes you.

4. Search and apply for jobs on the go.

Many companies offer mobile versions of their website to accommodate on-the-go job seekers. In fact, our study revealed that 56 percent of respondents search for jobs on mobile websites, and 35 percent apply for jobs on mobile websites.

5. Track your applications and follow up with employers.

As a job seeker, it’s important to keep your applications organized, and to remember which listings you responded to on which app.

Your mobile device is a helpful tool for organizing your job search and keeping all relevant information in one place. Use your smartphone or tablet to save job postings and create bookmarks. And don’t forget to follow up with employers via email or social media!

Accessible, portable smartphones and tablets are the becoming the platforms of choice for job seekers. And by following these tips, you’ll stay ahead of the game in your job search and unlock more opportunities in your career.