Your Online Job Search & Personal Brand

The last time you searched for a job you looked in the classified ads with a red pen. You sent out paper resumes in the mail and all correspondence was conducted over the phone or in-person. You worked your way up from entry level to executive with hard work, perseverance and gained experience. Does this sound like you?

In the job market today senior-level executives, who’ve been with a company for 20 years, find themselves searching for a job in a different world than before.

describe the imageOne of the caveats of online job searching is that sometimes you can’t control what the rest of the world sees about you.

The same way you’ll be researching potential companies online – they will surely do the same. Knowing what your online identity and
personal brand
reads like is very important to your job search, according to Kirsten Dixson and William Arruda in their article ” What’s Your GQ? Build Your Google Quotient.”

“People are making decisions about you based on what they find online,” write Dixson and Arruda. Take this free assessment test to find out what your digital identity looks like.

Defense Mechanism

Once you’ve established what your online fingerprint says about you, take control of it.

“There’s a huge amount of information about you online,” Michael Fertik, founder of Reputation Defenders, told AM New York in an article filled with tips about reeling in your Internet persona.

Other countries are putting the burden on the employers rather than the employees.

Published reports from a European blog, Tech Crunch note that “a new law in Germany could soon make it illegal for employers to check out prospective job candidates on Facebook and other non-career focused social networks.”

Although most agree that this would be difficult to enforce.

Ultimately your online ID is up to you, according to Dixson and Arruda. Building your personal brand gives you a great deal of control over how the world perceives you. Don’t have a personal brand yet? Learn how to get one fast with Dixson and Arruda’s The 6 Ps of Online Branding.