Your International Coffee Day Guide: From the connoisseur to the gas station guzzler

International Coffee Day falls this Sunday. Ahead of that, we founded up the most piping hot surveys and lists concerning America’s favorite brew.

Whether you’re a coffee snob standing in line for your favorite barista, a brew-at-home taking pleasure in doing it yourself, or a road warrior with preferences in gas station coffee, you’re find something to relate to. Because who doesn’t relate to drinking coffee?

Are you a coffee connoisseur?

Peet’s Coffee surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out if they were a “coffee connoisseur” — and 43% of those surveyed were.

However, connoisseur or no, coffee drinkers had some things in common. It was agreed upon that 7:35 a.m. was the best time of the day for that first sip of coffee, and the most agreeable roast was medium, at 48%. The average respondent drank two cups per day.

However, those who saw themselves as coffee aficionados were more likely to look down on others who said expresso (it’s espresso, you rube) by 45%, and were more likely, by 48%, to feel slightly embarrassed by their own complicated coffee orders.

Some connoisseurs are so specific in their tastes that 3 in 10 order off-menu.

And while a third add the usual milk or cream to their brew, an impressive percentage (17%) go exotic, adding CBD oil to their coffee. This isn’t your parents’ cup of Mr. Coffee.

Millennials were the most likely to research a city’s coffee credentials before traveling there, at 43%. And if a locale isn’t up to snuff, no problem — they’ll bring their own beans (14%) and brewing equipment (14%).

Coffee connoisseurs are most likely to be found researching their coffee — where the beans are grown, and if they’re sourced in a responsible way (83%). This kind of activity is for younger generations – 78% of Baby Boomers reported that they did no research on their morning coffee.

Top 10 signs of a coffee connoisseur

  1. Prefers to make coffee at home, to their own liking
  2. Can intimately discuss bean origin with the local barista
  3. Would rather skip their morning coffee than choke down a cup of instant
  4. Cultivates preferences of coffees from specific regions
  5. Orders a drink something that’s not on the menu
  6. They only buy whole-bean coffee and grind it at home before brewing
  7. Local barista knows their order before they place it
  8. Knows the taste profiles of different roasts
  9. Creates their own blends by mixing coffee beans
  10. Travels with their own coffee beans

The vast majority get their coffee fix at home, survey says

Despite the $45 billion coffee shop industry, 89% of Americans say they are still getting their caffeine fix at home, according to a poll by Reddi-wip polled of more than 1,000 Americans ahead of International Coffee Day.

The reason for forgoing a hip coffee joint? Respondents cited citing convenience (72%), cost (70%) and the ability to make it exactly how they like it (64%).

Don’t forget the creature comforts involved in having your coffee at home: 87% said they looked forward to making their own coffee in the morning, 67% said it was part of their routine, and 60% said they brewed at home because they liked the smell of coffee in their abode.

And you can’t forget that magic touch of making something yourself: 73% of respondents said they found making coffee therapeutic

Still, that doesn’t mean these homebodies don’t occasionally miss their favorite exotic barista-made drink: 68% said they wished they could re-create their favorite coffee-shop drink at home. However, they admit to being intimidated by espresso machines (38%), milk frothers (32%) and even coffee pods (29%)

  • 79% prefer their coffee with add-ins like creamer, sugar, etc. over drinking their coffee black
  • 68% wish they could create their favorite coffee-shop drinks at home but are intimidated by espresso machines (38%), milk frothers (32%) and even coffee pods (29%)

Keep on Keeping on: More than half (55%) of Americans wish they made their coffee at home more often and Millennials wish they made coffee at home more often than other generations (68% vs. 46%)

Road warriors, truckers, and commuters: here is your guide to the best gas station coffee in every state

On the go, and need to keep going? The app GasBuddy, rounded up which gas station brands have the highest-rated coffee in each state.

And the winners? Texas-based Buc-ee’s ranked best gas station coffee in the nation for the third year in a row, and Wawa and QuikTrip were blockbusters capturing six states each. Cumberland Farms was a hit across the Northeast, winning five states.

Long drive? You know where to go first.