Your Google Calendar now wants you to totally check out on vacation

Though according to a recent Wrike survey of 1,000 American employees, one-third of employees intend on being available to work on vacation (and they have to do this in order to actually enjoy their vacation) your Google Calendar does not want you to even check your email if you are OOO. It just launched a new feature that will tell your community hours you are unavailable and will also act as your personal assistant and decline meetings for you.

All you have to do is select the “Out of Office” calendar entry type when you are creating an event. Then automatically when your coworkers forget that you blocked those hours or days as time off they will be notified that you are not available.

Google Calendar will also be rolling out another feature to help you with work life balance. In the past you could only create one set of hours for your working week, but in the near future you will be able to customize these hours for each day.

This in addition to Gmail’s latest feature upgrades that provides automated responses based on your communication patterns is all contributing to making your life a bit easier.