Here is everything you need to know about the new Gmail

Stop what you are doing. Put everything down. There is a new version of Gmail out and you need to know everything about it. When I first opened it I did have an initial response of “Ewww!” but I quickly got used to it and you will too. None of the new features are quite earth-shattering, but they definitely may make you a bit more organized.

First of all, how does one get the new Gmail?

From the main Gmail screen, click on the gear icon and then in the drop-down menu select Try the new Gmail and voila!

On the new welcome splash screen, you can choose your display density. If your inbox is usually full we suggest the compact view. Here are eight of the new Gmail features you need to know about:

1. Organization

You can keep yourself super organized with the Calendar, Keep, and Tasks which are all located on right-hand side of the Gmail screen in a sidebar. This allows you to look at your calendar while also having your email open.

2. Snooze, don’t lose

You know those emails you need to read but you just don’t want to do it right now? Cue Snooze. Simply hover over the message and by clicking the clock icon, the email will temporarily disappear from your inbox. You then choose when you want it to come back to the top of your inbox so you can’t miss it. This could be great for paying bills.

3. Reminders

Nudged is another tool to help make sure you read important emails, this feature reminds you to respond to emails by using bright-colored text if you’d like to send a reply.

4. Easier downloads

You can download attachments without opening email. Who needs to pesky words about what is attached in your email when you can just open the attachment?  If a message contains an attachment, it will show up under the subject line on the main page then with just one click you can open the image, PDF, PowerPoint, Google Doc, etc.

5. Offline access

With Gmail’s new Offline Mode you can still have access to your emails even when you are away from your WiFi or if your phone is on airplane mode.

6. Better privacy

You can keep important emails private with Gmail’s Confidential Mode, which lets you set an expiration date or revoke the message after sending. As Wired pointed out, it basically allows you to make your email go into Mission: Impossible mode as it will literally self-destruct.

7. More security

You can also put an authentication code on sensitive emails and can remove the ability to forward, copy or download a message, and unsend a message.

Gmail will now use Quick Replies (short suggested messages you used to just send through the app.) It sounds a little creepy but Google will analyze your email style to match your tone.

So what are you waiting for?