Your diet soda habit is literally shaving years off your life, according to this new study

According to a recent study, the proposed weight loss benefits of many diet drinks may come with a pretty significant risk increase for stroke and several other health setbacks specifically for women. The research found that women who drink diet soda regularly (two diet sodas or fruit drinks per day) have an increased stroke risk of 23% and a 31% increased risk for ischemic stroke (a stroke caused by a clot.)

The data was pulled from over 81,714 women 50 and older, over the course of 12 years. The regular sugary drink drinkers were compared to women who only drank one of these drinks per week or none at all.

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In addition to the increased stroke risk, the researchers found that the subjects who were obese but had no history that would leave them more prone to strokes (like having diabetes and/or heart disease) were found to be twice as likely to have an ischemic stroke. Interestingly African-American women that are regular sugary drinkers were even more susceptible with their stroke risk being four times as likely.

The American Heart Health Association, reports that a 23% increase linked to excessive consumption of diet drinks is joined by a 29% increased risk of cardiovascular disease and a 16% risk increase of premature death. As far as the study was concerned, a minimum of two diet drinks a day is enough to warrant caution.

Healthy none-calorie drink alternatives

As previously reported by Ladders, teas offer a freshet of health benefits in addition to being great alternatives to harmful, non-calorie drinks.

Green tea, for instance, has been proven to improve cognitive function, aid in fat burning, and lower the risks for many kinds of cancer.  Oolong tea is great for losing weight, boosting metabolism, and decreasing your risk for type 2 diabetes. White tea protects our teeth from bacteria and our skin from the internal and external aging processes.

Tea might not be your thing. Understandable.

Mineral water is another optimal-flavorful weight loss resource. People that drink mineral water a day have been reported to have lower cholesterol than those that do not. The potassium and magnesium they’re writhe with are great for overall heart health. No calories no sugar, no weight gain, no stroke risk.

Even just plain water can be customized to better accommodate our taste buds. Merely adding a bit of citrus provides flavor while concurrently boosting our digestion. Citrus additionally prevents the formation of kidney stones. Moreover, a 2016  study found that citrus-based drinks hinder the development of wrinkles.

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