You’ll seem unshakably confident by picking up 1 habit

Who doesn’t want to look and feel confident in their job, right? It’s a work in progress for most people, though, even those who seem unshakably confident.

Sometimes confidence is just an appearance, but it’s often enough to get your foot in the door in many places.

So how do you seem unshakably confident no matter what?

Stop apologizing

You think nice people apologize, so that’s what you should do all the time, right? 


It makes you seem weak and unsure of yourself even if you aren’t. Apologizing all the time means ‘you are better than me, and I’m sorry for being worthless,’ or at least that’s what comes across every time you use the words ‘I’m sorry’ or something along those lines.

This doesn’t mean you don’t ever apologize – there’s always a time and place for it, but save it for the big occurrences, not the little everyday issues.

Why does apologizing make you look weak?

First, it makes you look like you aren’t confident in your answers or decisions. Rather than owning up to what you said or did, you immediately turn to apologize. If you waste time proving yourself wrong, you end up believing it yourself.

Instead, when you say something, you should say it without the words ‘I’m sorry.’ Show that you believe in what you say and that others should too. If you have something to be sorry about or want to look ‘kind and caring,’ find other words to use with it and leave the ‘I’m sorry’ for when you really mess up.

What it looks like

When you present ideas with confidence, you do it with an air of ‘I know I’m right, and you should all believe in me.’

If you present your ideas and apologize or seem weak, others aren’t going to believe you. Even if they do, they won’t feel as if you believe in yourself, which automatically turns into a lack of belief in you too.

Think about what you say when you talk. How many times do you say ‘I’m sorry’ when you really don’t mean it or don’t have a reason to apologize? Sometimes we get so used to saying it that we just say it without realizing it.

But that right there discredits the words that come out of your mouth. Saying ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t a sign that you’re really sorry. It’s just a way to tell someone that you’re compassionate, but there are other ways to do it without discrediting your own confidence.

There’s a better way to talk to others rather than making them feel like you are sorry for everything as a way to make them feel better. 

Realize your own self confidence

It’s important to be sure of yourself, especially in the workplace. Don’t give anyone room to make you feel anything but confidence.

When you give even an inch of a lack of confidence, it gives room for anyone else to jump in and discredit you.

Instead, be sure of what you say and say it with confidence. If you have something to be sorry for, find another way to say it, and again, say it like you mean it.

Don’t be pushy, but don’t let others push you around either, and you’ll be the one with unshakable confidence in the office, not others.