You should never paint your office these colors, according to experts

Looking for a new office color? Well, you definitely need to stay away from these two colors according to whiz kid home improvement brothers Johnathan and Drew Scott. In a new episode of Property Brothers titled “Condo Dreams,” they informed a seller that her choice of interior paint colors could be hurting the potential selling price.

The woman’s living room was painted pale yellow which just doesn’t sell. And then the dining room was painted “angry 90s red,” which has become outdated.

Red, yellow and why?

Let’s look at the color psychology behind these shades. So even though yellow is an optimistic color, too much of it can cause anxiety. Another study found that yellow can cause people to lose their tempers more easily (so don’t paint your conference room this color either.)

Now though red is associated with power and increase your adrenaline perhaps too much can be a good thing, especially if the color is considered “angry.”

So then what color should you paint your office if you want to stimulated and productive and not throw a temper tantrum?

According to The Property Brothers, opt for black, white, and grays mixed with wood tones and then with pops of color like a red throw pillow or yellow rug.

Feeling the blues

However, these guys are trying to sell a home which doesn’t necessarily translate to an office. Researcher Nancy Kwallek of The University of Texas told Fast Company, “White doesn’t help us be productive, and most work environments are white, off-white, or gray. There have been studies that asked worker preference about environment and color, and the majority felt they liked to work in a blue or blue-green environment.”

According to studies, blue has a calming effect and green, which is also a powerful color to wear, is great for ambitious people who work long hours and also can settle one’s nerves.