You might be a psychopath if you live in this part of the country

Identifying a psychopath can be tricky, but they might be living next door to you.

Whether it’s little tendencies in the office or using social media in a certain way, there’s one thing for certain: a ton of psychopaths live on the east coast, according to a new study.

Research published in the scientific journal Heliyon examined data and the patterns of the “Big Five” personality patterns — Neuroticism, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, and Agreeableness — to map out a landscape of where psychopaths are most likely to be living. Those five indicators showed that urban areas harbored more psychopaths compared to rural areas, with Washington, DC leading the way.

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That’s not really a surprise considering lawyers and politicians are among the top career choices for psychopaths.

“The District of Columbia is measured to be far more psychopathic than any individual state in the country, a fact that can be readily explained either by its very high population density or by the type of person who may be drawn to a literal seat of power,” the study says.

In terms of geography, the East Coast was deemed the most psychopathic area in the US, taking seven of the top 10 spots in the study’s state rankings, including the top six which had New York at No. 3.

“The clustering towards the top of the list is somewhat consistent with either a concentration of psychopaths in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic, or a concentration of psychopaths within urban areas,” said research, according to the study.

The top 48 contiguous states

1. Maine

2. Connecticut

3. New York

4. Maryland

5. Massachusetts

6. Delaware

7. Wyoming

8. New Jersey

9. California

10. Nevada

11. Virginia

12. Rhode Island

13. Illinois

14. Ohio

15. Wisconsin

16. Arkansas

17. Pennsylvania

18. Arizona

19. Louisiana

20. Idaho

21. Colorado

22. South Dakota

23. Texas

24. Kansas

25. Iowa

26. New Hampshire

27. North Dakota

28. Florida

29. Washington

30. Kentucky

31. Michigan

32. Alabama

33. Oregon

34. Minnesota

35. Utah

36. Indiana

37. Missouri

38. Vermont

39. Montana

40. New Mexico

41. West Virginia

42. Oklahoma

43. Georgia

44. South Carolina

45. Nebraska

46. Mississippi

47. Tennessee

48. North Carolina