If you use social media like this, you may be a psychopath

Another day, another study that may indicate whether you are a psychopath or not. According to one research, it could come down to the way you use social media.

Victoria University psychology Professor Marc Wilson found that people with psychopathic tendencies tend to spend more time on social networks. Specifically, they tend to post more highly edited selfies in an attempt to network and get more ambitious and coveted roles. (Note to self: stop posting selfies where you look good.)

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Wilson told NewstalkZB, “Cause it provides a platform for self-aggrandizement, they tend to post more selfies and they tend to take more time editing those photos that present them in a way that makes them look as good as possible.”

A 2016 study that looked at 61 senior professionals in the US found that 21% had clinically significant levels of psychopathic traits. The forensic psychologist that ran the study said psychopaths tend to move up the corporate ladder swiftly because hiring managers tend to focus more on skills over personality traits. “For psychopaths,  it [corporate success] is a game and they don’t mind if they violate morals. It is about getting where they want in the company and having dominance over others,” he told The Telegraph. 

Wilson noted that “There are a number of case studies and Enron, the energy company in the US, which was categorized before its decline by psychopathic behavior.” In addition to perfected selfies they probably use other social platforms like LinkedIn to make themselves look especially single so they can continue to dominate their careers.

He added that they may actually job hop around a lot as so not to be detected or they get the boot but often it comes in the form of golden handcuffs. “Our reputations are the things that gain us entry to opportunities, and we continue to enjoy those opportunities until our reputations are sullied, and in the case of the corporate psychopath, that means moving on to another organization.”

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