You can’t land a remote job unless your cover letter looks like this, according to a career coach

Are you looking for a remote job? With the world up in arms dealing with COVID-19, more people are looking for jobs and more people really want a remote job. Let’s discuss the four changes you need to make to your cover letter to successfully apply for one.

1. You need to personalize, personalize, personalize.

Can you write one letter and use that to apply for every job? No, not at all. Every company is different, so every job application must include a different cover letter. When personalizing it, please remember to do the following:

  • Share a brief explanation of your relevant work history,
  • Detail relevant work skills,
  • Make it clear what you know about the company and why you are excited to work there,
  • And don’t be afraid to share your personality.

2. You need to share your existing remote experience.

If you are applying for a remote role, it will be important to share your previous remote work experience in your previous roles. Not everyone can work effectively at home. If you have done it before and have succeeded in that environment, it is imperative to share this with potential employers.

3. You need to add a value proposition.

Your cover letter is your opportunity to demonstrate what you are bringing to the table in a more expanded way then what is stated on your resume. When detailing your experience, make sure you do the following:

  • Make your “why” clear to the reader,
  • Showcase the transferrable skills you have,
  • And draw the connection between what you can do and how that will be an asset to the potential employer.

4. You need to add clarity.

Clear communication is a MUST in your cover letter and resume. When a potential employer reads your cover letter it should be easy to understand the following:

  • Who you are (e.g., name, location, contact information, previous work history, etc.),
  • Why you are applying for this role and for a remote role specifically,
  • Why you are the ideal candidate for the role,
  • Why you want to work with the employer,
  • And what the employer needs to do to speak with you.

Now that is clear, you are ready to apply like a champ to remote jobs left and right. Please keep mind, not every job will require a cover letter, and many cover letters are now requested in email format. But if you are required to submit it with your application, you can feel much more confident when you submit your application!

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